Patsy’s travels 2005 – Syrian Arab Republic 14


Syria [Day 2]: I embarked on a day trip with Yamama to Palmyra with a group of around 60 others on a coach. Arabs are a very social bunch but very loud and quite pushy! By the end of the trip I was nick named Ingreezi (English). I have mastered the trick of sneaking in to tourist attractions without having to pay a ‘foreigners fee’. Vast desert and the heat was bearable. we visited the ruins that dated back to 1000 BC that the Temple of Bel was used by the pagans, christians and then the muslims. Amazing detail still remains on the stone and amazing views from the citadel on a mountain. We then had a very very late lunch in the desert, sitting in a bedoiun tent with live music and two dancers that really needed to sort out their hygiene issues and make up! Lunch was bland, so a little dose of KFC apon our return to Damascus was well needed.
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posted Friday March 2014