PeripateticProf – Spain 68

I made it to Algeciras, the port next to Gibraltar, Spain, after a sensational drive through the high mountains with major twists and turns and a stop in Ronda, Spain. Some peole at the Parador in Granada suggested I stop there as the Parador in Ronda sits on the edge of a cliff in what appears to be a rather precarious position. Actually, it is well fortified and represents a beautiful location overlooking a deep gorge and valley below. I’m glad I stopp4ed there, although, I didn’t need to stay any longer as I wanted to get to Algiceras and my hotel for the last night in Spain. I am staying at the Hotel Reina Cristina, a much older hotel that has a pool, tennis courts, lush gardens at a third of the price I paid last night at the Parador in Granada. Breakfast is included! I decided to part with the car this afternoon, as I don’t plan on driving anywhere else in Spain. I dieseled up and returned the car to Avis. They charged me a princely sum for my two accidents and I will have to fight with the insurance company when I get back to the states. The hotel is a short walk from the port and I plan on catching a ferry to Tangier in the morning. This is kind of a dreary city, tired and run down, without a lot of redeeming value! As this is an entrance for Morrocans, there are many of them walking around and the women are all dressed in typical robes and chadors, yes, it is a harbinger of things to come!! In a way, I am pleased to have enjoyed Spain as I drove almost 1500 miles in two weeks in four different cars. Thank goodness I got rid of that breade truck as it was a gas guzzler. Strangely enough, the only time I re-fueled in the two weeks that I pumped my own fuel, well, you know the rest. Isn’t that strange? I could never get used to eating at 9:30/10:00 at night and I am very surprised the the traditional on the siesta is so prevalent. Even the Avis office closes from one until five and closes at seven/eight. The other surprise was the shortened daylight hours. It doesn’t get light out until almost nine in the morning and by six in the evening it is getting dark. Oh yes, the earth axis is on a 23 degree tilt, blah, blah, blah! Spain was wonderful, the food was better than I thought, the wine was most drinkable and art, scenery was well worth my misadventures. I don;t know what internet access will be like in Morroco, but as I can, I will check in with you soon! Hasta luego!

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posted Tuesday January 2007