PeripateticProf – Thailand 32

8 April

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand


Yesterday was the excursion to Phi Phi Island and I waited in the Lobby for my transportation to the speedboat. A van showed up and picked up some others and off we went to a dock about 20 minutes away. There, we boarded a speedboat big enough to transport 20 passengers and three crew, powered by twin 200 horsepower V-6 Honda outboard engines. Very quickly we were getting bounced around on rough seas, but 45 minutes later we arrived at Phi Phi, Maya Bay where the film The Beach was partially filmed. I dont know the film but I have to belive the title says it all. The only drawback to the setting was the thousands of other people crowded onto one of the most spectacular beaches, I have ever seen.


Again, that horseshoe shaped lagoon with soaring rock formations outlining the crater provided the backdrop. The sand was crisp, clean and almost as inviting as the sky blue waters. A most beautiful spot indeed. After time to sunbathe, the boat moved across the

Bay to an area conducive to snorkeling, that was beautiful as the fish and coral formations were beautiful. Off to Monkey Beach, whose numbers were decimated during the tsunami of several years ago. Finally to lunch on Phi Phi Don Island. This is a place for couples and definitely worth while for a return visit. A very picturesque port, shops and lodging is available for the interested. Lunch was quite good, chicken with peanuts, pork with vegetables, fish soup, rice and the ubiquitous pineapple/watermelon dessert. After a stroll around town, the speedboat was off to another island at Hin Klang or Bamboo Island. This place stirs the imagery to want to have a funny drink so I started enjoying a Banana Colada, followed by a Margarita. The mixologist wasnt very heavy with the booze so both drinks were teases and all they did was make one want another. Maybe he wasnt so bad a drink maker after all! After some snorkeling, and a swim, we were back on the boat and returning to Phuket. A fun day with some drop-dead scenery

And pictures to prove it!


After some rest at the hotel, I got on the motorbike to go out for dinner and felt some raindrops. Rather than drive in the rain as the previous night, there was a deluge and riding a motorbike would have been fruitless! I decided to forego the bike and walk to find a restaurant. It was a nice evening and the walk was invigorating. The raindrops started and I jumped into an open-air restaurant that was putting up holey tarps to cover the few tables. At one point, there were five guys holding up chairs to prevent water build-ups in the tarp and I was the only patron in the restaurant. It was hysterical as there was so much rain, that came in three waves (a veritable tsunami?) and the five guys dashed around trying to keep me dry. So, I ordered another beer to enjoy the adulation of five guys trying to keep me dry! I was laughing so hard, as the rain was winning the battle. Finally the rain subsided and I was able to enjoy dinner-Oysters, chicken, pork and Morning Glory, my new, favorite vegetable! I felt really bad for the restaurant owner as she had all this help, and all they could do was try and keep their one patron dry while he represented the only cash revenue for the evening. As I left the restaurant, some other patrons filtered in, so I left feeling better. Two nights in a row, rain wreaked havoc on dinner for the owner, what a tough way to make a baht!

This morning, I gave into the temptation for a Starbucks and enjoyed the best java in weeks. Now, it off to the beach for the last full day here!! More later and Journey well!

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posted Sunday April 2007