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The Handicapped Have no RightsAn Extraordinary WellArt or Science” Me or You”Death Before Dishonour, Nothing Before CoffeeLentil Burger Eating SurfersGreat Pheasant or The China-Australia Health In…Friends and Planes Do Not MixA Century, One Ton, 100Tractor AccidentVehicles (8)A Letter to a FriendTaking Ourselves SeriouslySingapore -Same But DifferentRespite in the Forbidden Palace ►

February (13)

Ewin – An IntroductionCountries VisitedVale JDNuclear Subs in New LondonSome Memories are Best Left AloneJazz – Emanuel SchmidtSelf Diagnosis in BangladeshChinese Hospitality in New LondonJesus Loves OsamaZuigia Farewell ConcertSinking of Mikhail LermontovPork (7)Taxi Story – The Iranian ►

January (31)

Dubai – Feet Vote it Better than SpainRecycle!!2007
Australia Day – On PittwaterTerrorist Gas Bottle BBQ BuildersChai Chai, Tea Tea, or Chai Tea” Or Just Chai”Venison (6)Taxi Story (mine) – SingaporeStorm Over SingaporeChinese Translation of English Movie TitlesThe Skinny Hamster and the OtterThe Stones BarHeart Attack on the New Jersey TurnpikeBackyard Beasts – CarnivalWhale on ToastTaxi Story – The Chinese IndonesianOn That Farm They Had a Cow (5)A Picture Paints a Thousand WordsSame but DifferentCoronation ParkHanklyn JanklynGratuitous AardvarkDrug Arm – Round 1 2007
Ship Breaking – Using Hammer and Chisel ►

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NASA Launches Gemini 3 (1965)Gemini 3was the first launch of the Gemini program, whose goal was to developtechniques for advanced space travel. The flight marked the first time2 people flew aboard an American spacecraft. The mission’s primary goalwas to test the new, maneuverable Gemini spacecraft. In space, the crewfired thrusters to change the shape of their orbit, shift their orbitalplane slightly, and drop to a lower altitude. Why did the command pilotnickname the Gemini 3 spacecraft “Molly Brown”” More…

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Dahlia on Steroids – Forbidden City, Beijing   Writing Tools Spring Break  – 14/03/2007
 – Roy Peter Clark Writing Tools — The Musical  – 8/03/2007
 – Roy Peter Clark Coming soon: How to write a serial narrative  – 16/02/2007
 – Roy Peter Clark How to write an upside-down lead  – 14/02/2007
 – Roy Peter Clark What makes a great detail” It depends.  – 8/02/2007
 – Roy Peter Clark   CVN69 – USS Dwight Eisenhower CVN69 - USS Dwight Eisenhower Friend Andre looking through engine chamber of F-14 on deck of CVN69 (Norfolk)   Writing / Editing Be True to Your New School  – 21/03/2007
 – Roy Peter Clark Goldsmith Winners: Investigative Journalism Alive and Well  – 20/03/2007
 – Bill Kirtz Computer-Assisted Reporting Bibliography  – 15/03/2007
 – David Shedden World Press Bibliography  – 15/03/2007
 – David Shedden Investigative Reporting Bibliography  – 15/03/2007
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Word of the Day Word of the DaynadirDefinition:(noun) An extreme state of adversity; the lowest point of anything.Synonyms:low-water markUsage:They lost everything in the fire and reached the nadir of their fortunes.


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