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Panickers Travel – New Delhi Mydiaries are full of notes on India and it is a bit hard to know whereto start, especially if extracts are going to make any sense. But Indiais a bit like that – a montage of experiences, assaults on the senses,moments that make you cringe, followed by moments of pure exhilarationthat make you want to laugh out loud. Above all, India for me is placein which life is so precarious for many that every moment that theyhave is lived to the full. Life is so cheap, and yet as a result it isgrasped with both hands with a fervour that can be infectious.Perhapsthe best place to start is in what many in the expat community in NewDelhi call the Stinky Markets. Want a haircut” Easy. Want a current NewJersey drivers license” Even easier. How about one from, say Bolivia””Very easy sir, we can do that” chorused at you in their sing-songlyrical tones. Need some number plates made up to look like a foreigndiplomat’s plate” – there is a fellow in there tapping away with a ballpeen hammer and a steel punch who can help you out. “But very sorrysir, you will have to wait a day for that.” All that plus seafood thatis starting to get a bit stiff and slippery, goat meat, paper machetrinkets from the north, seasoning and spices from the south. All mixedup with a crowd of people doing nothing except milling around andlooking like, well, they are milling around doing nothing. Need someonewho can spell” Best go to another market for that!! But be assured thatmost travel in India is just as the sign advertises – PANICKERS travel. They do indeed.


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3 January 2007
14:55:00   tpraja said…

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20 January 2007

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