Ponyboy’s Adventures, Summer 2006 – India 11

Hey, everyone!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to actually write or post anything- my Ohio/KY road trip last week was wonderful, but it wasn’t so condusive to writing time. And I left for India 2 days after we got back- so know that I arrived safelyTues. (10.apr)morning India time (FYI- 9.5 hrs ahead of US Eastern time, & 12.5 hrs ahead of US Pacific time!). My jet lag kicked in hardcore when I got here, & I slept odd hours, & but today (day 3) I’m finally feeling more like myself. I’m sitting here on the couch, watching some american movie channel (?! apparently tv comes into my life on vacation even if it’s India!) I’ll post some stories soon. Just wanted to let y’all know that I’m here, but that the internet situation is sporadic, but manageable. Let the emails begin! (& thanks to those who have written & wished me a safe trip. Yr responses are on the way.) I’ll be online when I can, but between the internet folks having problems & the fact that there are power cuts (outages) 3-4 times a day, it’s a little tricky.

I’ll get some photos & things up tonight. . . hope you’re all well- do write me & say hi! It’d be great to hear from y’all, since we’ve finally figured out the internet here @ the house. . . —- xo, Ponyboy

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posted Thursday April 2007