Ponyboy’s Adventures, Summer 2006 – USA 1

It’s true! I can’t believe it. My time here is over- I leave this afternoon. . . Weird. My class ended last week, and the DAY after, my computer decided to stop working- so I couldn’t update y’all on my happenings. FORTUNATELY (ZeK is my saviour!), my computer is fixed as of last night, but today I must pack & hit the road! I’m off to Irvine, CA, where I’m leaving my car w/a friend, then flying to Chicago for about a week for a family gathering/visiting a friend (yay!). So maybe I’ll have some down time (“) there to reorganize & FINALLY post some photos for y’all. In any case, Keith is meeting me in LA on the 9th, & we’ll have our 3rd anniversary/1st road trip together up the coast! (please send emails & call to say hi in lieu of gifts.) My ETA in Seattle is the 19th of Aug.

But with luck I’ll be writing again before then. . . hope y’all are well! Email me, now that I can get it! (or call- I’ll be in the car ALL day today. . .) —- xo,Ponyboy

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Great photos as always!
Best wishes

03 Feb 2008

Hope you are ok in US. I am in Bangalore! Went to mysore yesterday and will
explore bangalore tomorrow. Your photos are great!
Best wishes

14 Jun 2007

Omigod I like the monkeys! Not so big on the cows eating trash, though, see what you can do about that, \’kay? Kay.
Yr a sweetiehead.

23 Apr 2007

ponyboy! love it! you are so cute! more more more XOXOXO kills

22 Apr 2007

🙂 looks/sounds wonderful. hope to see you soon.

20 Apr 2007

i can see kolar on the map!!! are you and your dad still going to do that part of the trip”L

15 Apr 2007
Lucia Whitman

just wanted to let you know that i will faithfully be readying your travel blog. i signed up to have the site notify me whenever you make a change. so far it works well. i just read through your tales from paris. as a science dork, i really enjoyed your math challenge. i’m looking forward to hearing what happens next. also, i remember going to a lot of those same places when i visited you YEARS and YEARS ago in paris. wasn’t the room way small back then” but the hot chocolate was wonderful. anyhow, keep up the great posts. love, lucia.

13 Apr 2007

Great to see you are travelling again!
I think I have fixed the photo problems.
Any other problems please email me.
Best wishes

12 Apr 2007

pony! i hope youre having an amazing trip and ill be checking your posts to keep up with you.. much love! a bientot mon ‘ti chou, xo.

12 Apr 2007
Looks like you left Beiruit without a moment to spare!

15 Jul 2006
I think I got them all! Let me know if I missed any.

Best Wishes

24 Jun 2006
Sorry if the recent ‘upgrades’ to the site have caused problems with uploading your photos. If this persists please email me – ndia@uk2.net

The tiger photo is great!
Best Wishes
Brian (cannonhill.com)

22 Jun 2006
Sorry for hassle with photos, hopefully it was a temporary internet problem.
Best Wishes

07 Jun 2006
Ponyboy of my heart, this is so exciting to read. I’m drooling over the photos of the mediterranean. I love your photos… can all the colors you’re seeing really be so bright and crisp? Thanks for sharing!

04 Jun 2006
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