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(hopefully, this blog won’t be all jumbled together, if so, I’m sorry. Spacing PLEASE)So its been a bit of a rough start here in India. Not only have I had to deal with EXTREME culture shock, my daypack with my important things was stolen from me on the sketchy train in Delhi. Since then, I’ve had to find new ways to deal with boredom on 22hrs of travel times between places. My iPod is my most missed possession, because its nice to watch a movie or listen to some tunes when I’m dealing with an entire train car full of students chanting and singing for 18 hrs. And a distraction’s definately been needed, as after my stuff got stolen, I’ve had to deal with the following:

– severe heat exhaustion where I was rendered useless for hours during the day.

– food poisoning: since we travelled through the desert during its hottest months of the year (getting up to and constantly around 45-48 degrees), its low season for tourists. Only the insane (and us) travel to these places, and restaurants don’t exactly stock up with fresh produce everyday, especially if they won’t serve a single meal that day. Many times, we would order at a restaurant, and then a young boy would run out, buy some ingredients, and then come back. I don’t think that happened this time, when I ordered a Banana Smoothie. What would happen over the next 3 days would be, what Dave Chappelle so eloquently refers to as, “Mud Butt”. Nuff said (sorry, a little too much info).

– heat stroke: over this time of sickness, my body got severely fevered, as I couldn’t hold any water, and got dehydrated. Sometimes, I would babble incessantly, as Crista was freaking out.

– bed bugs and/or dust allergies: not sure which one, and maybe both, but I had tons of hives and bites all over my body. I looked like I had a disease.Click to see the Photo!

Aside from all that fun, I have noticed some funny things: – travelling with Crista is like being married to a celebrity. The “Golden Haired Girl” as we have overheard some, find her facinating. Me, not so much. Conversations usually begin politely with both of us (everyone guessing either Korea or Japan for me), then directly head to Crista, asking every question they can. I’m pretty sure they’re not even listening to her, just a nice way to stare at her. We walked by this guy chillin’ on his patio once. He said, “How does that work”””What”” said Crista”How you together” You both go to school in Europe”””Um….no. We’re from Canada” she says.”You too”””Yes, I’m from Canada too” I say.”Oh, you speak very good English. I don’t mean you don’t look good together. But it looks funny. Very strange. But beautiful couple.”- Most men won’t be so subtle in starting a conversation, as they don’t speak in English. They’d rather just stare openly. Without taking their eyes off her. I fell asleep on the train once, and woke up to see 9 young men, sitting across from Crista, and staring at her as she read. They be chatting amongst themselves, no doubt commenting about how hot she looked as she sat with her back to them, facing the wall, in her baggy, Aladdin pants, baggy shirt, shawl covering her face. HOT. Apparently, these boys haven’t discovered the internet, where millions of white women take off their clothes every hour on the hour.

Now, onto some fotos:Click to see the Photo!Click to see the Photo!This is the holy city of Pushkar, our first stop after the chaos in Delhi. Click to see the Photo!The Jaisalmer Fort. Where I got my aforementioned sicknesses and disease. It was a totally cool looking city, but it was too frickin’ hot to enjoy it. Click to see the Photo!After I had recovered from heat exhaustion and sickness, we went to do a camel ride in the desert. Smart. It was actually pretty fun, as we went super early in the morning. But the last 2 hrs, at around 11am, in 43 degrees, kinda sucked.Click to see the Photo!Click to see the Photo!Click to see the Photo!

The small city of Bikaner, where they had the only Camel Farm in Asia. It was a whole lotta humpin’. Literally. Its quite frightening when a horny camel charges after another camel beside you, wanting to mount. I hid behind Crista, and she shooed them away.Click to see the Photo!

Me during our exhausting 22 hour journey from the desert into the Himalayas. It sucked. They don’t make any beds in India for people over 5’10”. Its more uncomfortable than it looks, trust me.

Click to see the Photo!Click to see the Photo!

The small town of McGeod Ganj, in Dharmsala. This is where the exiled leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama resides. After learning more info on the whole Tibet issue, you might see me at the next rally on the steps of the Art Gallery with all the other smelly hippys.

Click to see the Photo!Click to see the Photo!Click to see the Photo!

We did an epic journey up to the Himalayan range. I say epic, maybe not as hardcore as others I know, but its still above 2800 meters, or slightly over 9100 feet.

Click to see the Photo!Click to see the Photo!

Made it to the top! It was a long 9 hrs, and 19km, but so worth it.

So that is all. I have a little less than 2 weeks left in India, then I’m off to SE Asia for a couple months. Hopefully, this hard shit will make my other travels a breeze. That’s what I’m hoping at least, as I’m now almost out of anti-bacterial medicine, and really can’t afford to get the MB again!

Lurve you all.


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UCLA Bruin grad
Funny blog. Thought you should know that ADS is appropriately termed Asian Drinking Handicap, a homographical acknowledgment to the acronymous alcohol metabolizing enzyme ADH (alcohol dehydrogenase).

03 Aug 2008
Neat pics – now I know you are living it up.
Have a great time in Melbourne.
Enjoy your way to India and send more pics. Give our lv to Crista.

03 Apr 2008
Yo homeslice – just realized you had a travel blog. HELLA jealous about the music festivals. So awesome!

17 Mar 2008
It’s about time you updated this blog you lazy shit. I’ll consider it my happy birthday present. Have fun during the rest of your time in Oz and let me know when the slow boat from China gets to you. ox a

13 Mar 2008
hey man! i read this all the time, finally you updated! =)
pics look amazing, I’m so jealous…can’t wait to hear about your experiences in india!

11 Mar 2008
hi RyGreat photos!! You definitely are living in a luxury place. Live it up. I’ll have to tell Marin about you pushing Wiggles car – she always watches the program.

09 Feb 2008
Hon, it looks fantastic. Nice work!

16 Jan 2008
Awww Rlowe, those pics are so awesome. What a New Years to remember, dude. If your ears were burning at all this weekend, its cause I was talking about you lots. I miss you dude!

14 Jan 2008
merry new year and happy christmas!
You just keep being cheap baby… I’m so happy we can be cheap together… Keep enjoying Sydney!

04 Jan 2008
Ok when you get back here, we’re going for a hike.

04 Jan 2008
Hi Ryan,
I have tried to fix the problem with the photos and formatting…
Happy New Year!

03 Jan 2008
WE always played arrangements by John Williams in band…that is so cool! Nice pics buddy…your New Years ones were awesome too! Looks like someone might be needing a haircut soon.MISS YOU!

02 Jan 2008
Brian, just wondering why my blog won’t stay formatted the way I edit it. I want to put spaces in between pictures and paragraphs, and press “Enter” to make spaces, but it won’t save the way I type it. Can you tell me why, and how I can put proper spaces in my blog””

21 Dec 2007
Brian, just wondering why my blog won’t stay formatted the way I edit it. I want to put spaces in between pictures and paragraphs, and press “Enter” to make spaces, but it won’t save the way I type it. Can you tell me why, and how I can put proper spaces in my blog””

21 Dec 2007
I like how you now claim that you are asian.
What happened to being black?
Methinks YOU’RE jumping on the bandwagon.

26 Nov 2007
Sorry you lost the post. Please save every 10 minutes or so… you can then edit the post and carry on writing.

24 Nov 2007
Jigga yo nigga
Awww, the dingo didn’t eat your baby?!!!

18 Nov 2007
Wow, none of our conjoined birthday’s were that amazing! I’m truly happy for your experiences and wish in my heart that I was there to share them.
Love you, don’t die and have as much fun as possible!

18 Nov 2007
Desiree Dolan
Hi Ryan,Forgot to wish you happy birthday in my last message. Hope you had a good one. Have a happy and healthy year!!Love,
Auntie Desiree

15 Nov 2007
Desiree Dolan
Hey Ryan,
Well, I didn’t follow the sending instructions properly so I lost my previous message. Here goes again!!
Glad you’re having a wonderful time on your travels. Make the most of what might be your “once in a lifetime” experiences! You’ll have many great memories to share with your family and your generations to come!!
You’ll have to give us a slide show of your travels when you return home. We’re looking forward to hearing more of your travels. I’m forwarding your travelblog to Stefan and Dan so they can read of your adventures! Keep safe and continue to have wonderful experiences!!
Love, Auntie Desiree

14 Nov 2007
That looks like awesome fun. Good thing you didn’t get the bends and die.

14 Nov 2007
wow buddy. that is crazy! i bet it was unbelievable.hope you got some reef for me! =)

13 Nov 2007
He sounds pretty wise, my love. It’s exactly what I would say, except not using the steering wheel analogy. Or call it a universal creative intelligence. And I hope I wouldn’t have corn on my chin. And I wouldn’t have an Aussie accent. Okay, so I guess I wouldn’t really say anything like he did. But I still think he sounds wise.

13 Nov 2007
thank you for not dying.
No but really, those pics are awesome, babe! Sooo sweet. Yay!!!

13 Nov 2007
Please try out the travelblog photo uploader. This resizes your photos and the uploads should be a lot quicker. Also you can highlight multiple photos in the selector ( hold down shift ) and upload them together.
Best wishes

24 Oct 2007
No cameras aloud? You should maybe get one that’s more quiet.

21 Oct 2007
Um. Can I just say that I laughed really hard with your “terty tree dollas” cause I could totally hear you doing your horrible accent.Nice pictures dude, they look amazing.

18 Oct 2007
Sara P
DUDE! Awesome. I bet the Jamaican’s would recognize you as their own. 🙂 Have fun. Don’t eat the pork buns…i just watched a story about how they actually make them with cardboard out of dumpsters. LOL

18 Oct 2007
See, You don’t need FaceBook. I think it’s your tallness give away weird non-Chinese vibes….

18 Oct 2007
Dude, I think you made a mistake. A couple of those pictures in the middle were from No. 3 road. Lol, did you just go to Richmond”””

17 Oct 2007
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog

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