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I’m now back in Thailand, looking to spend some time diving before I meet up with Crista on June. But a quick look back on my final weeks in India. Some extreme travel definately helped me get my travel legs.

We continued our way through small Himilayan towns in Northern India. But before we left Dharmsala, we had a quick visit with the Dalai Lama himself. We were lucky enough to be there when he was, even though he travels the world often. Unfortunately, no cameras were a loud inside, and security was very strict as he’s in exile from the Chinese Gov’t. We had to get passport pictures and register to see his teachings in the Buddist temple. Crista got her’s no problem, but when it came to me….. a little more caution came.

The guard asked for my passport first, and inspected very closely. Seeing my last name, I guess I could’ve been a Chinese Nationalist, looking to rid my country of the Dalai Lama. I just wanted to see the famous bald head and glasses in person. After some intense moments, they let me through.

We sat for almost 3 hours, listening to the exiled one speak through his translator on a transistor radio. Much of it was over my head, so I just sat back and people watched. It was the biggest collection of bald headed monks, Indian tourists, BO, dreadlocks, and hairy girls I’ve ever been around. Hearing the Dalai Lama laugh, in his deep old, wise Chinese man way, was the highlight for me. A pretty cool experience.

After leaving Dharmsala, we ventured on the most frightening, 9 hour bus ride of our lives. It started with our bus driver driving like he had a death wish through the windy mountain roads. I just chalked it up to crazy India drivers at their best. I began to nod off, when I was woken by a huge bang. Our bus driver smoked a car pulling out of a roadside diner. Luckily, he hit the rear door, and the passenger was cut from the broken glass, but he was only shaken up a bit. But that meant a police investigation, and we had to change buses. Maybe for the better though….

We then head into the Pavarti Valley, on what you might consider an extreme mountain highway. The only way I can describe it is, to those who know the Sea to Sky Highway, before all the construction: No barriers guarding the highways, but only one lane for both directions of traffic. We would drive quickly, twisting and turning through these mountain passes at about 70km/hr, honking as we turned corners, with the door open and parts of the bus quite often hanging completely over the edge. And then it started to rain….

This pic was taken after I had the guts to actually take out my camera. But the valley was sometimes hundreds of meters over the river.

It didn’t help to have the cliff on one side, and this on the other. It was a freaky 4 hours for sure.

We arrived in the magical city of Manikaren, where Indian tourists flocked to the holy natural hot baths.

It was picturesque, if you ignored the heaps and heaps of garbage along the riverside.

The sketchy looking bridge kinda reminded us of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Remembering the outcome of crossing that bridge, we decided not to tempt fate. This last pic is of one of the stores in Manikaren. There were hundreds of them, all selling the exact same crap. If you were looking for a creepy-looking crawling baby, or a walking plastic lion, you’ve found your mecca.

We’d spend a couple days in the valley, eventually moving to Kasol. Crista and I would head out on day trip hikes to different mountain villages that looked like fairy tales.

Pics of the wicked looking mountain village of Tosh.

Our final stop before heading back to Delhi, was in the Indian tourist town of Shimla. It was quite a bit more expensive then we were used to, and little to no foreigners. A reason that Crista and I were asked to take photos with Indian tourists on more than one occasion. Actually, six. Its kind of a weird feeling when the father asks you if you can take a pic with his children, and 3 little tots surround you. Crista, being the golden haired celebrity that she is, was used to it.

Shimla was a cool looking city, formerly a British colony, so it had some very Europeon sides of it.

The man himself, Ghandi:

And we headed back to Delhi so I could get one more breath of the polluted chaos before I left. India was definately trying at times. It was intense, exhausting and frustrating quite often. But it was also an experience. Looking back, it made me appreciate everything at home. And it has made traveling through SE Asia a piece of cake.


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UCLA Bruin grad
Funny blog. Thought you should know that ADS is appropriately termed Asian Drinking Handicap, a homographical acknowledgment to the acronymous alcohol metabolizing enzyme ADH (alcohol dehydrogenase).

03 Aug 2008
Neat pics – now I know you are living it up.
Have a great time in Melbourne.
Enjoy your way to India and send more pics. Give our lv to Crista.

03 Apr 2008
Yo homeslice – just realized you had a travel blog. HELLA jealous about the music festivals. So awesome!

17 Mar 2008
It’s about time you updated this blog you lazy shit. I’ll consider it my happy birthday present. Have fun during the rest of your time in Oz and let me know when the slow boat from China gets to you. ox a

13 Mar 2008
hey man! i read this all the time, finally you updated! =)
pics look amazing, I’m so jealous…can’t wait to hear about your experiences in india!

11 Mar 2008
hi RyGreat photos!! You definitely are living in a luxury place. Live it up. I’ll have to tell Marin about you pushing Wiggles car – she always watches the program.

09 Feb 2008
Hon, it looks fantastic. Nice work!

16 Jan 2008
Awww Rlowe, those pics are so awesome. What a New Years to remember, dude. If your ears were burning at all this weekend, its cause I was talking about you lots. I miss you dude!

14 Jan 2008
merry new year and happy christmas!
You just keep being cheap baby… I’m so happy we can be cheap together… Keep enjoying Sydney!

04 Jan 2008
Ok when you get back here, we’re going for a hike.

04 Jan 2008
Hi Ryan,
I have tried to fix the problem with the photos and formatting…
Happy New Year!

03 Jan 2008
WE always played arrangements by John Williams in band…that is so cool! Nice pics buddy…your New Years ones were awesome too! Looks like someone might be needing a haircut soon.MISS YOU!

02 Jan 2008
Brian, just wondering why my blog won’t stay formatted the way I edit it. I want to put spaces in between pictures and paragraphs, and press “Enter” to make spaces, but it won’t save the way I type it. Can you tell me why, and how I can put proper spaces in my blog””

21 Dec 2007
Brian, just wondering why my blog won’t stay formatted the way I edit it. I want to put spaces in between pictures and paragraphs, and press “Enter” to make spaces, but it won’t save the way I type it. Can you tell me why, and how I can put proper spaces in my blog””

21 Dec 2007
I like how you now claim that you are asian.
What happened to being black?
Methinks YOU’RE jumping on the bandwagon.

26 Nov 2007
Sorry you lost the post. Please save every 10 minutes or so… you can then edit the post and carry on writing.

24 Nov 2007
Jigga yo nigga
Awww, the dingo didn’t eat your baby?!!!

18 Nov 2007
Wow, none of our conjoined birthday’s were that amazing! I’m truly happy for your experiences and wish in my heart that I was there to share them.
Love you, don’t die and have as much fun as possible!

18 Nov 2007
Desiree Dolan
Hi Ryan,Forgot to wish you happy birthday in my last message. Hope you had a good one. Have a happy and healthy year!!Love,
Auntie Desiree

15 Nov 2007
Desiree Dolan
Hey Ryan,
Well, I didn’t follow the sending instructions properly so I lost my previous message. Here goes again!!
Glad you’re having a wonderful time on your travels. Make the most of what might be your “once in a lifetime” experiences! You’ll have many great memories to share with your family and your generations to come!!
You’ll have to give us a slide show of your travels when you return home. We’re looking forward to hearing more of your travels. I’m forwarding your travelblog to Stefan and Dan so they can read of your adventures! Keep safe and continue to have wonderful experiences!!
Love, Auntie Desiree

14 Nov 2007
That looks like awesome fun. Good thing you didn’t get the bends and die.

14 Nov 2007
wow buddy. that is crazy! i bet it was unbelievable.hope you got some reef for me! =)

13 Nov 2007
He sounds pretty wise, my love. It’s exactly what I would say, except not using the steering wheel analogy. Or call it a universal creative intelligence. And I hope I wouldn’t have corn on my chin. And I wouldn’t have an Aussie accent. Okay, so I guess I wouldn’t really say anything like he did. But I still think he sounds wise.

13 Nov 2007
thank you for not dying.
No but really, those pics are awesome, babe! Sooo sweet. Yay!!!

13 Nov 2007
Please try out the travelblog photo uploader. This resizes your photos and the uploads should be a lot quicker. Also you can highlight multiple photos in the selector ( hold down shift ) and upload them together.
Best wishes

24 Oct 2007
No cameras aloud? You should maybe get one that’s more quiet.

21 Oct 2007
Um. Can I just say that I laughed really hard with your “terty tree dollas” cause I could totally hear you doing your horrible accent.Nice pictures dude, they look amazing.

18 Oct 2007
Sara P
DUDE! Awesome. I bet the Jamaican’s would recognize you as their own. 🙂 Have fun. Don’t eat the pork buns…i just watched a story about how they actually make them with cardboard out of dumpsters. LOL

18 Oct 2007
See, You don’t need FaceBook. I think it’s your tallness give away weird non-Chinese vibes….

18 Oct 2007
Dude, I think you made a mistake. A couple of those pictures in the middle were from No. 3 road. Lol, did you just go to Richmond”””

17 Oct 2007
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog

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