Sam and Marissa’s Cross Country adventures! – USA 0

so we went to yosemite…and they are VERY bear scared there…so i was too…so we stayed in a yurt. which was really expensive but kinda cool…its a hut with all you need…even an electricfireplace radiator, and satelite tv!

image670.jpg image671.jpg image672.jpg image673.jpg image599.jpg image600.jpg

yosemite itself…was very confusing. there were no signs for ANYTHING…so prety much did a drive though.

image674.jpg image675.jpg image676.jpg image601.jpg image603.jpg image604.jpg image605.jpg image606.jpg image607.jpg image608.jpg image609.jpg image610.jpg image611.jpg image612.jpg image613.jpg image614.jpg image615.jpg image616.jpg image617.jpg image621.jpg image618.jpg image619.jpg image620.jpg image622.jpg image623.jpg

and then we went to Mammoth Lakes. where we hung out with Jarrod and his friends

image677.jpg image678.jpg image681.jpg image682.jpg image679.jpg image680.jpg image683.jpg image684.jpg image685.jpg image686.jpg image687.jpg

and then….DEATH VALLEY. the hottest place ever. where Jarrods friend told us there were tons of scorpians, spiders, roadrunners…etc…so i again got scared 🙂 and we stayed in a hotel. (p.s. we didnt see any of them…at all)

image632.jpg image633.jpg image634.jpg image635.jpg image638.jpg image639.jpg image640.jpg image641.jpg image642.jpg image643.jpg image646.jpg image651.jpg image658.jpg image660.jpg image695.jpg image696.jpg image690.jpg image689.jpg image694.jpg image693.jpg image692.jpg image691.jpg image693.jpg image697.jpg

image669.jpg image668.jpg

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Fabulous scenery! Sam, love that hat!
Love to both from all here.

29 Oct 2006
Mom Linda
Well, it is hard to see…but I appreciate your documenting your experience…I think…Beyond Pluto, XXXOOO

21 Oct 2006
You are brave!
Best wishes

20 Oct 2006
Rissa, you are very funny…Please no more late night hikes… xxxooo Beyond Pluto, Mom

13 Oct 2006
Well, It all looks amazing. For some reason I can only see these as tiny pictures. You are both so fortunate for this opportunity and to have so may connections along the way. xxxooo Beyond Pluto!

13 Oct 2006
Yikes! What a day! Running with knife! Fear of cougar! There is an epic poem here! Too many exclamation points! It\’s 11:42, love to all!

11 Oct 2006
janet aka antjant
this looks like the best trip EVER. thx for blogging so we can share the ride. loveya

08 Oct 2006
Excellent pictures, my dears! Funny, I didn\’t know you were blueish.
Much love

06 Oct 2006
Wow! I love the pictures and it is so exciting to be included in your journey. I also love the pictures of the two of you. They make me smile. I love you beyond pluto…Mom

04 Oct 2006
Wendy Kwalwasser
The word awesome is the most accurate description of your part 2 photos—absolutely spectacular–it helps give a sense of the beauty and the space and what you appreciate. What a journey. Take care of yourselves. Love, Wendy

10 Sep 2006
I love you guys! Enjoy every second of your trip, but know that i can NOT wait until Philadelphia is your next stop.

08 Sep 2006
Absolutely breathtaking….Yellowstone is more beautiful than I remembered. I still love the vapors and the colors and the canyons and the waterfalls….Celebrate each moment. I am so proud of both of you. Love, Mom

08 Sep 2006
Hi. The photos are great and your excitement is even better. I hope you continue to have a blast. Please tell my sister and her family “hi”. Stay safe and keep truckin\’. Love, Wendy

04 Sep 2006
Great photos and insights…They really give us a taste of what you are experiencing. Cherish each moment..Beyond Pluto, Mom

02 Sep 2006
Oh man, i love you! I think you\’re doing quite well with the blogging. Make sure to tell Sam that his hair looks amazing in that last picture. I miss you a lot. Have a blast!

30 Aug 2006
I checked it out on dad\’s account. I love the blogging…way cool. We are busy and getting ready to head to NJ on Friday. Beyond Pluto, Mom

30 Aug 2006
It\’s great! Thanks for sharing! Really!
I had no idea Lake Erie had such nice beaches.
Raining here, but otherwise, things good.
Love to all

29 Aug 2006
hey still a little rough on doing this blog buisness..but hope you like the first try

29 Aug 2006
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog

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