Sam and Marissa’s Cross Country adventures! – USA 13

See the Map Cape Coral, Florida, United States.

when we first got to the badlands it was rainy, and sam needed a battery for his camera…and we just NEEDED to know what WALLDRUG was so we went!

image121.jpg image122.jpg image123.jpg image124.jpg image125.jpg image126.jpg image127.jpg image128.jpg

it was really depressing…but humorous

we drove back for sunset 🙂

image132.jpg image133.jpg image134.jpg image135.jpg image136.jpg

our camping cabin

image138.jpg image137.jpg image139.jpg

the guy who worked there was really cool.


and he had a pet bison… we got to pet it! 🙂

image140.jpg image141.jpg

on our way out we saw people climing on the clay mounds, so we did too

image145.jpg image147.jpg image148.jpg

sam played and people started apearing over the edges to hear him play


then we drove on this road called Sage Creek Rim Road, that was closed..but we found a way in …and there were bison everywhere!! they walked across in front of our car, and were right next to us, while we took pictures.

image149.jpg image150.jpg even baby bison!!

ok this is the first half because i messed it up again..
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posted Thursday September 2006