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09 Aug 2007
over and out

08 Aug 2007

08 Aug 2007
Dear sir
you have been in so many places with or without your choice, im sure you enjoyed your life every where. Do you know what you, your colleagues in the army are doing to the innocent, weak, underprivileged, unarmed people in so many countries. They are killing these people in cold blood, if you are a good christian you will ask yourself if you are doing the right thing. Its true ISLAM is a peaceful religion which says if you kill 1 person on the face of this planet its like you have wiped out the human race, what you and your army is doing is not fare and legitimate, they are not combatants. tell your president and the generals, you all will be asked in your graves why did you kill innocents in the name of terrorism. what answer will you have, your dollars earned from stolen oil will not help you.
God bless you and give you the wisdom to understand the truth.

05 Aug 2007
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posted Saturday August 2007