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I left Glasgow International, on that Wednesday morning (I can not remember the correct times), flying with the British carrier, Thomas Cook. It was an enjoyable flight, good service and a good amount of leg room. The cabin crew were very friendly. We arrived into FUE 4hrs and 15 mins later, disembarked the aircraft to the warm, sunny climate of FUE-we left Scotland in the rain! My mother, her friend, her acquaintances’ daughter and I got a taxi to our resort; Costa Caleta; which we booked on Alpharooms ( As the four of us drove by the orangey-red hotel, all of our faces dropped and said: ‘isn’t that hotel lovely?’ The taxi turned and pulled outside it. We were shocked at the quality of the hotel we would be staying in, especially at the price we paid for it! After a quick inspection iI noticed that there were no swimming pools. I asked the receptionist and he told me that there was 4 in the hotel, and also 2 baby pools. We would be staying all-inclusive for the week-I loved that! As we went in January, it was out of season. In spite of mthis, there was still a wide variaty of activities to do. In our hotel a man, named Oswald, would offer the children the chance to learn new activities such as rifle shooting, archery, darts and water polo-to mention some but a few. There was a lot of shops close to our hotel which i enjoyed visiting. If you like electrical goods then FUE may be the place for you because, when I went, there was a few (maybe 4 or 5) electrical  shops. Other types of shops were also nearby-including jewellery shops, clothes shops (I don’t think it was designer gear), tourist shops and restaurants and pubs. An arcade was in one of the pubs. French, Irish, English and Scottish pubs were in the area in which I visited.

   I enjoyed the activities with Oswald. I learned the art of archery, darts, rifle shooting and juggling.

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posted Wednesday December 2007