Shoestringing Sea To Sea – Canada 21

Wednesday, August 1:

Well, we now have a name for our little WeeKender. Al Lycan suggested the name “Shoestring” and it was unanimouslyselected by the voting panel of Massey, Diana and Zorro. It’s short, it’s cute, and it fits the way we travel. So,Shoestring it is, and Al’s bottle of Newfie Screech is now making its way back home with us.

But there were a lot of great names suggested, and we’d like everyone to know the creative minds that were at work inthe naming of our trailer. So here is the list of nominees:

Wee Willie Kender

The Happy Wanderer

Both the above were suggested by Linda Dier and Gord Goodman

The Nest

Sun Shine

Both the above came from Bruno Schmiemann

Tag-a-Long – Norm Louie

Fox’s Lair, with the Spanish translation, La Guarida del Zorro – Pat Louie

Camping Trio

Fearsome 3some

These came from Marina Matsuda and June Nishi of Toronto.

West Coast Wanderer

The Victoria

Parksville Puddle Jumper

The West Wing

The above 4 entries came from the Martin Family in Calgary – Bill, Marie, Tara, Andrew and Bridget

Linda and Gord even came up with a song:

Sung to the tune of The Happy Wanderer:

We love to go a-wandering

Along the mountain track

From Bonavista to Van Isle

Wee Kender on the back.

Chorus: Valderi, Valdera, Valderi, Valdera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

Valderi, Valdera, WeeKender on the back.

We pack our stuff ansd hook ‘er up

Who knows where to from here

We wave our hats to all we meet

Our hearts are filled with cheer.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to come up with suggestions. Your emails have really made our trip more fun,and we feel as if you are all travelling with us.

So now, we are off to explore “the Gentle Island”. We have WIFI here at the campsite, so will tell you all about it.

Posted from Canada:

posted Wednesday August 2007