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Hi everyone!  I am still near Valencia & enjoying my own space!  This part of Spain is not what I expected…lots of construction & cranes, bland buildings, & many immigrants.  I am sure other parts of Spain are better.  Italy spoiled me forever!  I would return today, but that will have to be another time.  I definitely have learned a lot…especially, improving my observation skills.  Ive used all my camera memory (a flash drive & 5 disks)…that is how incredible this experience has been!  I have collected little souveniers along the way & many postcards for a scrapbook.  Most of the days here so far have been a bit cloudy with some rain in the afternoons.  On Easter we went on a picnic with 20 friends way up in the foothills west of here (near Dos Rios)…it was all sandstone & scrubby brush, with some tall trees.  The best part was an adult pick-up soccer game played on a slope among pine trees!  Each afternoon there is a Spanish soccer game on TV…wish I had that at home.  But there is so much here that I would never want at home!  I definitely see the “good” in  America now!  This Saturday we are going down the coast toward Alicante, and then on Monday we will be going to Madrid.  I hope to take some side trips on my own after that.  Hey Dad, happy birthday today!  I hope all is well there in Akron, New York, & Salt Lake City, Utah.  Must close…ya’all take care.  Ciao, ciao!   Love,  Mom/Donna 

PS to Jody…too late, they all have your number!  Now you have to live (the way you tell me to live) life to the fullest!  Hey, are you still studying?  I sure hope so.  I am excited to be seeing you at graduation from ESF/Syracuse on May 13th!   

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posted Wednesday April 2007