– Spain 11

Hi everyone!  I have arrived here in Torrente, Spain with much anticipation.  My days have been crazy, and train rides restful, but connections very nerve-wracking!  I have learned so much along the way…my brain nurons are about to explode!  Cinqu Terre was awesome…definitely a place to return & spend more time.  The train ride here along the coast was the best!  I met (and stayed with) a woman ( 39 yrs. old) who is a doctor from Santa Fe, NM.  She has a unique personality and attitude, that just wll not quite…one of those, “do not think outside the box…shred the box attitudes”.   We spent the night on the same train & needless to say I learned a lot from her!  Where have I been all these years?  Valencia and the coastline are beautiful!  Torrente (where I am now) is a small city, and they are having the Semana Santa (Holy Week) processions all week long…very solemn & serious…no Easter bunnies here.  I have especially enjoyed being able to be in a real home/apartment and getting my suitcase unpacked.  The Stoyanovs have really been great & welcoming, and are glad for me to cook Italian-American foods.  I have many more stories to tell about grocery shopping…kinda like reading a picture book for me!  Everything is in Spanish here…no duh…this is Spain!  My head is still adjusting…from Italian, French, & German!  Must close for now.  Will write more in a couple days.  Ciao, ciao!  Love,  Mom/Donna

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posted Friday April 2007