tarnhop’s barhops – Spain 23

Lisbon is a great place and I stayed in an area akin to the Lower East Side choc full of bars and trendy clothing shops.  My hostel lived up to its name–The Oasis.  A Portugese mum came in to cook for us three days a week and we were living it up lovely.

As soon as I arrived I went out all night to bars in the Barrio Alto and then to a club in which, Im told, John Malcovich has a large stake.  Malcovich Malcovich?

The next day I went to a castle on a hill in the city where I saw a real-time image of the city via a giant periscope and a couple focal lenses projected onto a waste-high satellite dish.  Unfortunately no pictures permitted but the 360 degree tour of the city was pretty cool especially when a car passed by or hanging clothes were caught by a breeze.

The next day I headed to Sintra to meet up with my friend Rachael who I met in the hostel.  There we saw another castle; this one like something out of a fairy tale.

I like this guy.  I think he is Poseidens spiteful, small-bladdered nephew.

Back in the hostel I bribed Rachael to wear all her clothes at once and here she is vougeing. 

And what photo journal would be complete without a classic shot of a Lisbon trolley perched atop a hill.

My last day in Lisbon, exhausted, I slept on several benches in the botanical gardens before heading to Madrid for a short stop on the way to Madrid.
Posted from Spain:

posted Friday April 2006