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24 Feb 2008

hello to all-

 sorry i have not written in my blog for awhile but i will give you the update.  last week george bush came to tanzania for 4 days when he came to arusha it was nuts! everyone from everywhere lined the streets the main road was closed and all the bussisness- we were the only white people besides some one from the secret service that came to talk to us and gave us pins that said secret service- all the africians thought we were photographers so let us up front- the cars started coming but i didnt even see him they were driving so fast and all the windows were up, i was expecting a limo but he was in a suv so i missed him! oh well. yesterday we went to a celebration (a dowry) or an engagment. we were there from 10:30 am to 10pm long but interesting day. big party and lots of dancing once dark hit. i am loving all the culture. today we are all going to ride camels! me and heather stopped to check our email real fast. i have to go but love all-

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Tawny, sounds like fun. keep logging in, love. Uncle Tim and Aunt Gwen

03 Apr 2008
Whats up girly…i miss you so much! I need to hear from you again. The weather is actually starting to warm up so when you come home it will be nice for you. You really picked a good winter to be gone, its been so horrible with the snow. When you get home we need to go on a shopping spree, well, maybe when you get your first paycheck after finding a job! 🙂 I hope your still having lots of fun and lots of great experiences. I love you and miss you! Love ya sis, Court

08 Mar 2008
Courtney Bevan
Hey there little cutie!! I was SOOO happy to hear from you. Its so weird that I can’t pick up the phone and call you. I miss you so much already…I keep thinking I need to call you and see if you want to come over for dinner! Anyway, sounds like your having so much fun and having so many experiences. You need to send pictures if you can. Hey, i was wondering if you could do me a favor….I am going to tell my primary kids about you and what your doing for the kids in Arusha, i was wondering if you could include in your blogs just a little bit about the kids and your feelings about helping them out….i’m sure you are going to do this already but maybe think about some things that would relate to the kids here too.
I love you lots and i’m so excited you get to do this, wow, it would be such and eye opener! Love, your big sis, Court

29 Jan 2008
So cool that you are experiencing such beauty and fun !!

28 Jan 2008
hi. sorry about all the shots

17 Jan 2008
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog

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