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05 Feb 2008

Have you ever dream travel on this relax way and this place? Have you ever wanted to discover one of the world’s greatest paradises, long before anyone else even knows it exists? Maybe you dream about relaxing, and I mean totally relaxing, on some of the world’s most beautiful and natural beaches? Or maybe you want to trek through one of the world’s last rainforests, before it’s gone forever… If you said yes, it only makes sense to keep reading this message. Hainan Island – Undiscovered Paradise  Many call it the China’s Hawaii.  And that’s true, if you are talking about Hawaii 50 years ago, before mass commercialization took away some of its charm. It’s all here, on China’s tropical paradise.bursting onto the international tourist scene, but still holding on to its ancient charm.  You can have it all.  You can experience Hainan Island before the commercialization makes it just another Hawaii…. But you’ll need one thing to ensure you enjoy Hainan Island.  You’ll need a travel guide and translator,someone can help you navigate through this beautiful, but non-English speaking island. all your travel need just on this web site: http://www.hainantravelguide.cn/ If you don’t have it, you’ll waste your precious holiday time. …..you’ll be frustrated by the lack of help you’ll get because you don’t speak the local language. If you don’t believe this undiscovered paradise, listen to what Newsweek Magazine says about Hainan Island.  They called it the hottest new destination of 2005.  Now that’s a great compliment! “China’s Amazing Tropical Paradise HAINAN ISLAND is waiting, Are you ready?” I’ll be appreciate if any of you give me the advise on the travel charge,the route and tell me how to do may serve you better?.

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