Vicki Brenkovich Vickster Aussie Girl 8 September 2008 – Italy 2

Last post from me in Milano before I am flying off in the morning. what can I say about Milano” Compared to where else I have been in Italy, it is crowded, noisy, full of traffic and shops. I spent today walking, as my feet will attest, from my hotel to Duomo and the Pinocoteca Ambrosiana (gallery). As the line was non-existent, I was able to spent time inside the Duomo. The stainglass windows are enormous and colourful and were lit up by the afternoon sun. The annoying thing though was that people ignored the no photos, no video, silence please signs.

Around the corner was a beautiful and quiet gallery (Pincacoteca Ambrosiana). There were only a few people there so I was able to get close to the paintings. There was the Da Vinci ‘Portrait of a Musician’, a Botticelli Madonna painting and Raphael’s cartoon for the painting ‘School of Athens’ that stretched across the room and Caravaggio’s amazing still life “Basket of Fruit’.

Some more walking, the last of the souvenirs and now I am back in the room with my shoes off, having a rest before I have a meal and get ready for the last pack up before I leave.

The hotel is very luxurious with all the mod cons,hot water in the shower, a lift and a feast on offering for breakfast compared to Vernazza.

Hope you have enjoyed following along with my journey. Its hard to believe it is at an end but I have had so much fun. Looking forward to catching up with you all when I get home and to see you at the book launch some time in the future!

Posted from Italy:

posted Friday October 2008