Westward Ho! – USA 10

Morning from Cortez, Colorado! We’re back in the car at 6:30am heading off to Mesa Verde.  We learned our lesson with the high heat yesterday … plus we have to set up camp in the Grand Canyon tonight. Yesterday, we began the day at the Moab Diner which had the “Best Green Chili in Utah” … how can you pass that up for breakfast!  Ellie loved her breakfast burrito. I think the hotel in Moab has been my favorite so far.  The rooms looked like log cabins.  And when was the last time you had to use a key to access a hotel room”! image34.jpg The Red Stone Inn prides itself on being the “best deal in Moab”.  Good news is the rooms were clean. The visit to Arches National Park was amazing.  The red rock and arch formations were awe inspiring.  Larry suggested that next time we just bring lawn chairs and every so often turn the chair a few degrees to get a different, equally spectacular view. The hike to Landscape Arch just about did the kids in though.  We watched the temperature from our car and the high was 104!  So picture John, third day of long hiking, 100+ degrees, and a desert walk on red sand.  Needless to say, Michael carried him out! image35.jpg Is this face happy or what”! image36.jpg We’re becoming experienced hikers. image37.jpg We reached Landscape Rock.  Aren’t we looking pretty. image38.jpg You can see the canyons and mountains behind Sarah.  Even she was tired today.  The  mountain goat has decided she is not a desert rat.image39.jpg image41.jpg After lunch in the air conditioned car, the kids rallied to hike into Sand Dune Arch.  The benefit here was a lot of shade combined with rocks to crawl on and sand to roll in and they were back from the dark side.  The colors here were amazing. image40.jpg image42.jpg image43.jpg The kids were given the option of not getting out at the last few stops – not surprising they stayed in the car.  You can just see Delicate Arch over Michael’s head.  After we left the park, the kids slept from Moab to Cortez.  The adults are moving slow today … well maybe all of us but Michael … I guess that Marathon training was good for something!  (Speaking of which his highlight yesterday was his early morning run in the canyons/foothills of Moab … “just beautiful” he said. We’ll be at Mesa Verde National Park before 7:30. Sarah is so excited to be here and see the cliff dwellings.  I’m trying not to think about cliffs (and I’m NOT driving). Happy Sunday – Maureen

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posted Sunday June 2007