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On our way to Erldunda (the turn off to Ayers rock) The above pic is of Cober Pedy where you must take care of where you walk because of all the holes where people have mined for opals, there are beware and danger signs everywhere. And they actually call it noodling and I will find out in a few days why??????


This country is absoulutely magnificent, the amount of photos we can take (thanx to digital) and the amount we would like to take is unbelivable. The vast difference from one place to another is undescribable.


The road trains are’nt as bad as I thought they were going to be, but very intimidating. Some can be as long as 53.5 mts but have’nt seen one of them yet.


Made it over another border and over 2000km from home.

Day 7


No it’s not Ayers Rock it’s Mount Conner and everyone mistakes it for the Rock (and yes we did too)


But this is Ayers Rock and I had the attitude as we’re going past it we’ll have a look but was only doing it because you sort of have too if you want to say you’ve seen Australia but now I have seen Ayers Rock OH MYGOD!! You have to see it to believe it, the size, the beauty, your speechless reaction that you will have over realising exactly where you are.


Steve climbed it and thats me driving our car and van in the middle photo. It took him about 2 1/2 hours in the middle of the day and it’s verysteep but as you can see it’s breath taking.


This is one of my favourite photos it was taking on the right side of the Rock. We drove around the base of the Rock which is about 8km. It was well worth the $25 per person over 16yrs.

Take care write tomorrow Sorry I missed yesterday but out of range. Karynxx

Posted from Australia:

posted Tuesday October 2006