Woke this morning thinking it was friday, lost a whole day. At home i’d be going to the Grand Final day barbe at Neil & Trina’s. But I’m in Cober Pedy So I went to the image14.jpgItalian Club up past the Big Winch, near the drive’in and paid $100 for all youcan eat and drink for the 5 of us (Me, Steve & the kids. But before any of the celebrations began we had our tourist hats on. First stop CROCODILE HARRY image10.jpgHis been featured on many a Holiday, touring show and he collects womens underwear and peoples hats/caps amd anything else you would think ofimage11.jpgthis is his bedroom. His shower is down the other end of his cave and the loo is out side (the sh*tatorium). Harry has been there for 30 years but he’s getting on now, the locals say if your going to visit him be prepared to see Harry in what ever state he is in, naked, p*ssed, asleep, or just having a cuppa (thats how we saw him).

Then we went to the golf course (this is for my brother) image12.jpgand there were people actually playing out there today with the wind blowing a gale. One more stop the local cemetry, very tiny but full of character image13.jpg. Cober Pedy is a very dusty town with an abundance of things to see and do.

Posted from Australia:

posted Sunday October 2006