More long open roads

We spent our first night (and my first time) in a truck stop outsideOuyen and i went for my first squat (very proud of myself and no snake bites).Luckily we stopped just in time for Branden to be sick all over the ground and blow a nappie to pieces!Not so luckily the van was completely unorganized and Steve and Tay slept in the car while Branden, Tiarn and Myself spent the night in the small amount of available space in the van.Travelling during the day went very well and we covered some good kms before stopping for the night in Morgan.


Our campsite

Morgan is a beautiful little town (600+ population) on the Murray. We had dinner at the Terminus A1 meal great prices very welcoming. The kids are fiding it a little hard to settle at night but they’ll get used to it.

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posted Thursday September 2006