Zelly en Espana!!!! – Spain 0

Im almost in disbelief that I have arrived in Madrid in one piece. Literally shocked. Leaving University was stressful enough on the saturday(thanks to all my helpers!!) but realistically I was just moving the mess onto London where I spent one very hectic sunday trying to sort it out and pack.

Feeling relaxed after speaking to Mark on the phone, I was ready to go to bed and salvage whatever sleep I could before 4am on monday when I needed to get ready to go to the airport HOWEVER life had other plans for me when I could not find the new sim card I bought for spain! A certain mean person laughed at me and I couldnt help but think how typical it was BUT I found it at the last minute which pretty much sums up how I am.

Day 1 – Monday 4th June

Onto the airport and it was sad to say goodbye to my mum, as it had been to my mum and the kittens. I started the process of checking in straight away and despite being early everything seemed to take forever. Then of course you have to take out all the liquids, gels, creams in your hand luggage and put them in a plastic bag etc etc .—– B-O-R-I-N-G.

Anyway despite being very scared of heights and of being on planes I managed to get to Madrid in one piece, where it is hot and I am already browner. woohoo!!

The mother of the family picked me up. She seems O.K. but like insanely neat, but Ill get onto that. The children remind me of me and my brother, the girl is 10 and the boy 7. The afternoon was pretty surreal and I was soon thoroughly enjoying myself in a nostalgic kind of way. Looking at stickers, playing with dolls and racing cars around the garden.

The house is such a nice house for children. So colourful (think mexican colour schemes) and the garden. Well, im jealous of them- Mateo has a big dirt pit where he digs racing courses for his cars  and Paula a kitchen outside to play with dolls and then there is a small swimming pool which I am going to thoroughly enjoy.

The dad doesnt speak any english so dinner time I will have to speak spanish, although I am trying. Spanglish all the way for now though.

Day 2: Tuesday 5th June

So Im up today at 10, not too bad, and Ana the mother is discussing with my duties and soon I find myself doing some housework.- GASP- its a hard life… ha ha Ana is like obsessed with cleaniness which as all of you who know me, know isnt my strong point but Im doing pretty well. After hoovering, mopping and polishing the floors in the childrens bedroom I could see my face in it. Wow. Points for me.

I was finished by about 11.30 so I went to check out the area because for now I the children dont finish school until 4 and found a local market which was fun. Not enjoying the pervy old men but its the same the world over Ive realised ha ha. Anyway now Ive ended up in the internet cafe because theres minimal internet in the house and this cafe is close so Ill keep you all updated via this blog and I reckon Ill be online for about an hour a day but who knows when. Keep in touch people!

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