Day 21 – We discover the Flinders Ranges

Day 21 – We discover the Flinders Ranges
Wilpena, Australia

Wilpena, Australia

Todays Challenge. – To sample some road kill at the Parachilna Hotel.

Today is Mothers Day, Rod has remembered to buy a card and prepares some breakfast as we relax in our villa until we head off for lunch at Parachilna (the Gateway to Lake Ayre). Rod indicates that it is just around the corner some 190km away and that we need to get there at 12.00pm to watch the longest freight train in Australia pass by. Rod explains that the lunch at the Hotel is to die for and Deb looks perplexed.

We turn off at Hawker and follow a sealed road heading to nowhere, the desert is on one side of us and the Flinders Ranges on the other. At about 185km Deb spots a sign that says get some Aussie tucker into you at the Prairie Hotel and she starts to get suspicious when she sees pictures of Kangaroos, Emus and Camels on the next billboard advertising the hotel and its infamous Farger Larger.

We pull into town and only spot two buildings, the Pub and a Railway Station. As we get out of the car we are set upon by thousands of flies so we head inside. Suddenly everybody rushes outside and we are told that the train is heading towards town. With cameras ready we all take some pictures and soon realise that there is no rush as the train takes 45 minutes to pass by. Rod counts 5 locos but gives up on counting the carriages. With Farger Largers in hand we head back inside to order lunch.

Deb decides to be brave and orders the lunch specialty (a grazing plate of fresh roadkill), Rod orders King George Whiting. Deb spots a nice shawl decorated with Aboriginal Art and asks if she can have it for Mothers Day. Rod caves in but only after Deb buys him another Farger Larger.

After lunch we head towards Wilpena which is located in the National Park and decide that Rawnsley Park Station was the better choice in terms of accommodation.

On returning to our Villa we are met by the station pilot who confirms our booking for tomorrows charter flight that Rod made earlier in the day.

Todays challenge is considered passed with the consumption of the Grazing Platter at the Prairie Hotel in Parachilna.


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