Day 26 – Homeward Bound

Day 26 – Homeward Bound
Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Today’s Challenge – To try and make it back to Brisbane before nightfall.

We rise today at 7.00am wanting to get an early start as we have decided to do a 9 hour drive and try to reach Brisbane before peak hour traffic. Besides that Brooke has called and stated that she has bought some flowers and wants us to get home while they are still fresh.

As we pull out of the motel, the sky is blue and the sun is shining but I have an alarm on the car with an icon depicting a snow flake. I check the outside temp and it is a cold 3 degrees Celsius, (not to worry the car is simply telling me to switch on my defrost). We backtrack almost to Walgut turn left and head toward Moree. The sun is now in our eyes but its not long before it rises higher and is out of view. We stop at Moree for an egg and bacon roll and a bit of a stretch then find ourselves back on the Newell Highway with a lot more traffic.

Rod and Deb have left the outback!

We bypass Gundi, cross the Queensland Border and crack two Crownies to celebrate. We refuel and Rod notes that petrol is suddenly more expensive. From here we head towards Warwick and the speed limit is now 100kph, this is the first time its been below 120kph since we left. We pass through the small town of Yeloron and notice how neat and tidy it looks and the fact that no buildings are boarded up. We both say “it’s nice to be back in Queensland”.

Next stop is Warwick for a late lunch at the Condamine Sports Club. Deb checks in on Facebook and gets a few “welcome home” replies.

The car trip meter hits 11,000km at Aratula just past Warwick as we spot an inviting Pub, but it means getting out of the car. We whiz by with barely a glance – it’s a sure sign Rrrrrr Disease is kicking in… the disease of the road fatigued driver who can smell his/her destination, and there aint nothin gonna get in the way. Rrrr = the relentless hum of tyres on the road.

Its not that long before we find ourselves hitting the M7 back in the burbs and finally pulling into our driveway at the Gap at 3.30 pm.

Rod writes one final entry in the trip log.

Total distance traveled 11,102.8km

We have met our challenge to arrive before nightfall.


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