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So we went to Green Turtle Lodge this weekend which was great as the beach is pretty much deserted so we sunbathed and ate good food for 3 days which after a week of fried chicken and rice was wonderful!  We managed to convince some of the staff to drive us the 5 hour journey istead of making lots of changes so it was pretty pleasant, we even had a trotro quiz which i won (not only on the sex and the city section but current affairs too which made me feel better) We did a bit of paddling as you cant really swim due to the huge waves and currents so between the fear and drwoning here and the fear of being eaten in south africa it looks like I’ll be staying on dry land!

Ive managed to have my first semi injury of the trip after walking on the beach and scrambling over rocks for a day and have given myself achilles tendonopathy which everyone thinks the hobbling physio is hilarious!  A few of the group left saturday so our family has shrunk and the compound is a bit quieter but it means axtra closet room and water on the bright side.

We took the boys to our placement today where they got to do some training with the football team which they were all very excited about, mostly because now they can go home and say theyve trained with a premier team but it was a fun day.  now we’ve gotten to know some of the players we’re enjoying placement more, we’re doing more treatment and we get fussed over by a whole team of men so cant really complain!

Me and sophie are going to salsa with the physio who lookes after us tonight so that should be entertaining and tomorrow we start working in the afternoon in a free clinic for people who cant afford to pay for medical care so are one more step towards saving africa!

And after what is obvioulsy a very stressful 3 day week we are heading off to another beach so clearly im doing a lot of hard work out here….

I would love to post some photos but I think it might have to wait until as the computers are slow to the point of making me cry.

hope everyones ok xxx

Posted from Ghana:

posted Wednesday September 2024


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