Laurie’s Semester in Spain – Spain 1

Laurie’s Semester in Spain  – Spain 1

I made it to Ciutadella (Citadel Park) and enjoyed its lushness and fountains. Ciutadella has the zoological museum and harbors several species of birds throughout the park. A few of us rented a paddle boat and went out on the manmade pond–it was a great change of pace. Last Friday I went to Montjuic. Montjuic has so much to see that it will require several trips, but I enjoyed the botanical garden (as well as a couple other gardens) and the fresh air. We hiked to where we could see the sea and ate our sandwiches. After a peaceful lunch on the grassy hills of Montjuic, we hiked down and ended up walking to Barceloneta (a beach region).This last Saturday I went with a friend to Sitges to enjoy the beach. It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we walked until we found a less inhabited beach (we figured out upon hiking down that it is the nude beach, but it didn’t deter us at that point). After we’d taken in several hours of sun we hiked back up towards the center where the church is–it’s called Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla Church and dates back to the 17th century. After a wonderful seafood meal at the Santa Maria, we took the train back to Barcelona. Sunday I visited the Picasso Museum as it is free on the first Sunday of the month. It wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be and was definitely worth seeing. I topped off my day with gofre–this dessert that consists of a sweet waffle-like bottom with your choice of toppings. I put melted chocolate and nata (cream) on mine. It was rich. Things are still going well–the weather is starting to warm up even more. Classes keep me fairly busy and midterms are approaching. I’m starting to realize how quickly time will pass after midterms are over! I’m headed to Florence for a few days for spring break, which is the end of March/beginning of April. I still hope to get to Madrid and San Sabastin at the very least.

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Thanks for the wonderful tour, Laurie. What a trip!
Aunt Gayla is coming to Kansas. Did you get my email?
Gotta run. Love you,

Dear Laurie,
I’ve really enjoyed your pictures and I will check your blog now that I have found it. We miss you and am really glad that you are having a great time. Love, Gayle

Well aren’t we having fun. I mean, here in Cunningham America:) You may remember Dave and Kerri and Allie? Well, they’re just fine and hope you’re enjoying your time in Nebraska<g

Hey Laurie. Found it!
I’ll be checking more regular now.
This is pretty great.
I must get back to work now, but more later.
Love you,

Jason Santiago
Whats up Laurie? Just saying hello, i’m happy to be finnished w/ interterm. I almost do not know what to do w/ my self this weekend. Well hope you are enjoying yourself! have a safe trip back to the States!Jason

Roxanne Bailin
Dear Laurie: So great to hear from you. I’m sure it is overwhelming but I’m sure you will settle in. We are fine even with 52 inches of snow. It was very cold after the snow so it all froze solid. As a result, even though we’ve had many days above freezing, the drifts don’t go away. Jim has just about left his firm. He keeps going in for minor things. He’s getting closer he says to buying a computer for home (we’re using my laptop from work which I bring home to do work at home for right now.) We weren’t able to open your pictures, but I will try to do that on Jim’s work computer. We keep getting error messages. I can’t wait to see them. Please keep track of restaurants (especially inexpensive ones) that you like and places you visit that you would recommend. I think we may get there in the fall for a few days. Much love from us. Jim and Roxanne


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