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la temp perdu

     Posted on: May 8, 2018

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Ponyboy’s Adventures, Summer 2006 – USA 2

     Posted on: March 30, 2014

Hey, everyone!So, it's been a few months since my last blog post- I went back to Seattle from India, & then about 3 weeks later left for almost 3 months! I roadtripped it down to Phoenix, where I've been taking an 8-wk Armenian class & staying @ my aunt & uncle's house. Class started pretty much RIGHT when I got here, & between the 4 hrs/day of class, the 2+ hrs of homework every night, & the (literally) 110-degree weather, I'm either doing something class-related or un-melting my brain on the couch. Or gone for the weekend- in fact, I've…

Ponyboy’s Adventures, Summer 2006 – India 7

     Posted on: March 30, 2014

Hey, there- This huge thunderstorm is just ending- it was a LOT of hard rain- and sounded soooooo nice. I'm hoping it'll cool things off a little tomorrow, like it was cool last night. Okay, so there's a lot to catch up on, so bear with me- I'll try to be concise. (I know these entries are long, so thanks yet again to all of you who get through them all! It's much appreciated.) So last Sat. (14.apr) was the big day trip to Kolar! (the town where my dad was born- in South India, your initials come before your…

PeripateticProf – Spain 69

     Posted on: March 29, 2014

The last I posted, I was going off to dinner at Meson de Candido for Roast Suckling Pig, favabeans with meat and a fine bottle of wine. Absolutely nothing wrong with that meal! The crackling of the pork was particularly good. The next morning, as I was gazing out over the city, I noticed hot air balloons preparing to launch from one of the plazas in the city. That was a first! about six balloons took off from the city and floated north-with the prevailing winds. Quite a site, unlike the ballooning in New Jersey over farm country. An urban…

Emma Lost with Carol – Bolivia 5

     Posted on: March 29, 2014

Uruguay, without CarolOn the ferry across to Uruguay the Buquebus I realized how strange it was to be travelling with different people for the first time in a month. Blake was immediately off looking for chocolate milk and Dec was studying Spanish phrases, which is something Carol and I routinely failed to do. Blake and Dec try to learn three new words per day, so I was soon equipped with the essential knowledge of how to tell Uruguayans I was bleeding in a spaceship. We arrived in Colonia in a couple of hours. Blake was typically philosophical about the loss…

delhi – UK 2

     Posted on: March 29, 2014

For other places with the same name, see Delhi (disambiguation). Delhi (Hindi: दिल्ली, Urdu: دلّی, Punjabi: ਦਿੱਲੀ) [1] is northern India's largest city. One part of it, known as New Delhi (Hindi: नई दिल्ली Na Dill), is officially designated the capital of India, but the names are often used interchangeably. Contents1 Understand 1.1 History 1.2 Orientation 1.3 Climate 2 Get in 2.1 By plane 2.2 By bus 2.3 By train 2.3.1 New Delhi Railway Station 2.3.2 Delhi Railway Station 2.3.3 Hazrat Nizamuddin 3 Get around 3.1 By metro 3.2 By train 3.3 By bus 3.4 By taxi 3.5 By auto…

2L82diyung – Travels – Lao People’s Democratic Republic 14

     Posted on: March 28, 2014

We staged a coup this morning.  It was over in a few hours and was mainly bloodless.  But there was some major loss of face, and, I think, some hurt feelings.  Our leader was a 60-something woman from Amsterdam. The slow boats down the Mekong have an official capacity of 70.  The captains don't count though.  They just eye it up.  Everyone gets in and piles to the back so that they can sit on the mats, and it leaves all the seats empty.  The captians just keep piling them in to get the extra fares. After about 90 people…

PeripateticProf – New Zealand 13

     Posted on: March 28, 2014

27 May 2007   It is hard to believe that it is Memorial Day weekend and I am not home! The unofficial/official start to the summer and I am walking on the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand! What is wrong with this picture?   I left Wanaka and started north along the western shore of Lake Hawea, which is just another beautiful drive. It is hard to describe but try and picture a huge lake without any homes, neon signs , coffee shops, billboards or any disruptions to the pristine lake front. The water looks cold as I am…

Ben Garth – Sir Benjamin Of Garth – 0

     Posted on: March 28, 2014

Yesterday i went off to the lava tubes on Santa Cruz. They where awesome; just big holes in the ground that you could climb down and they go on for about 1km. At points it was a bit claustrophobic as you were on your hands and knees scrabbling over the rock in water. It was cool though. I then met up with the two guys i met a few days ago and we messed around in the lagoon again. Today ive just booked a place on the ferry that goes over to isabella island. Im planning to stay there for…

Ponyboy’s Adventures, Summer 2006 – India 3

     Posted on: March 27, 2014

Hey, all! It's my last few hours here, & I'm just about all packed & ready to go. I stayed around the house today (1.may- happy May Day!), hanging w/my cousin's 2 kids, writing a few more postcards, & packing my bags. And I just got some last vocab words from my family & had my aunt write me the Kannada alphabet. I also showed a ton of photos from my trip, which my grandmother & aunt really liked. Here's a few last photos for you: Last night, out on the porch swing @ 1am (it WAS cool & almost…

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