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la temp perdu

     Posted on: May 8, 2018

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Kim – – USA 4

     Posted on: March 29, 2014

18 Jan 2008 I almost missed a highlight of the trip.  I was at the right place at the right time and got invited to join a couple other teachers who had been invited to go out with two of the parents we met at the parent group.  I jumped at the opportunity, but as the day wears on, one gets pretty tired.  I was going to back out but when I talked to the contact member of our group she told me that several had already bailed.  I did not want to make a bad impression on our hosts…

d3 – UK 1

     Posted on: March 28, 2014

Beggars Can Turn to BusinessInBangladesh 80 percent of the poor families have already been reachedwith microcredit. We are hoping that by 2010, 100 per cent of the poorfamilies will be reached.Three years ago we started anexclusive programme focusing on the beggars. None of Grameen Bank'srules apply to them. Loans are interest-free; they can pay whateveramount they wish, whenever they wish. We gave them the idea to carrysmall merchandise such as snacks, toys or household items, when theywent from house to house for begging. The idea worked. There are now85,000 beggars in the program. About 5,000 of them have already stoppedbegging…

stefanieusa – Switzerland 1

     Posted on: March 28, 2014

Posted from Switzerland: Comments for stefaniegloor:you have 2 commentswellwell 21 Jan 2007mehi 21 Jan 200718 Oct 2011 - start of travelblogposted Monday May 2006

Ryan Lowe – Rylowe – Thailand 0

     Posted on: March 27, 2014

Travel Legs I'm now back in Thailand, looking to spend some time diving before I meet up with Crista on June. But a quick look back on my final weeks in India. Some extreme travel definately helped me get my travel legs. We continued our way through small Himilayan towns in Northern India. But before we left Dharmsala, we had a quick visit with the Dalai Lama himself. We were lucky enough to be there when he was, even though he travels the world often. Unfortunately, no cameras were a loud inside, and security was very strict as he's in…

Stefan – wuschi – Ecuador 0

     Posted on: March 27, 2014

Da ich jetzt hoffe zu wissen, wie das hier funktioniert habe ich mir gedacht, dass ich mal einen blog erffne umein paar meiner Erlebnisse zusammenzuschreiben. Mittlerweile bin ich ja schon ca 2 Monate weg von zu Hause und zur Zeit habe ich eben aufgrund eine bekannten kleinen Behinderung nicht die Mglichkeit von "grossen" Berichte zu erzhlen:-). Aber vielleicht schaffe ich es ja, etwas am Anfang anzufangen. Also... Ich bin am 09.09.2007 in Frankfurt gestartet und hatte einen angenehmen Flug nach New York. Neben mir sass ein netter Mann, der aus der Nhe von Weimar ist und auf dem Weg zu einem…

Ryan Lowe – Rylowe – Australia 8

     Posted on: March 27, 2014

First off, I'm PISSED. I just spent the last hour and a 1/2 writing this blog and then pressed a button and lost it. ARGGG!!!. It was a lot funnier than this one will be. Sorry. (WARNING: Will contain very random script and racial slurs. Viewer Discretion Advised) Soo.......I've been slacking on my blog and forgot to bring my camera. Still to come, the adventures to Hippytown on my birthday, and my first venture into Sydney. But for now, some random things I've noticed on my travels. - The Spork. Aussies are all about it. Go to any fastfood or takeaway…

Ryan Lowe – Rylowe – India 1

     Posted on: March 27, 2014

Character Building (hopefully, this blog won't be all jumbled together, if so, I'm sorry. Spacing PLEASE)So its been a bit of a rough start here in India. Not only have I had to deal with EXTREME culture shock, my daypack with my important things was stolen from me on the sketchy train in Delhi. Since then, I've had to find new ways to deal with boredom on 22hrs of travel times between places. My iPod is my most missed possession, because its nice to watch a movie or listen to some tunes when I'm dealing with an entire train car…


     Posted on: March 27, 2014

It feels like the whole world is here! We got into Munich yesterday afternoon and headed down into Marienplatz which is like a pedestrian Main street. We didin't really know where we were going , so we just followed a group of German football fans who were blowing whistles and a trumpet. We knew they we German becasue they were wearing mohawk wigs in the colors of the German flags and faces painted... hollering and singing. We figured they'd know where the party was. As we wound our way into the crowd we saw represntatives from all different countries; people…

Rio de Janeiro – UK 0

     Posted on: March 27, 2014

SectionsRio de Janeiro Travel Guide Map Climate Sights Rio de Janeiro Accommodations Eating Out History Practical Information Getting Around Getting There Tours and Excursions Beaches Shopping Nightlife and Entertainment Internet Cafes Festivals Things to do Photo Gallery [Add Section] Location View EnlargementCity map  View EnlargementRio de Janeiro Travel Guide[edit this] Sugar Loaf photo by: Stefan Andersson [Change image] | [Upload image] Rio de Janeiro is one of the most beautiful and spectacular cities on the planet. Even the most well-traveled individuals will love what the city has to offer. One of the best ways to appreciate the setting is by going up Sugar…

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