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     Posted on: November 25, 2018

due    [map] Starnmeerdijk 39, 1488 AJ Starnmeer, Netherlands [/map] Starnmeerdijk 39, 1488 AJ Starnmeer, Netherlandsretour

la temp perdu

     Posted on: May 8, 2018

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Jess is a Wanderer in Taranaki Region

     Posted on: April 15, 2018

Jess is a Wanderer ventured around Mount Taranaki in search of good views, good hikes and good weather. Sadly, there were intermittent views, slippy hikes and the worst weather you could imagine! We made it out for a couple of sunrises without getting washed away - but without seeing too much either. We did, however, enjoy some very soggy walks through the bush.Mount Taranaki peaking through the clouds on an almost perfectly clear morning. It was just a shame we woke up at 4 for the sunrise,

tarnhop’s barhops – Austria 12

     Posted on: March 30, 2014

Budapest is like the St. Paul of the Hapsburg Empire.  The lesser of two twin cities but the better.  OK, I totally made that up.  But Budapest is cool city.  It's big, has a decent nightlife, and the people say the English "Hello" for goodbye and "Sziya" (sounds like see ya) for hello. I stayed at a hostel close to St. Istvan's Basilica.  Yes, another church in Europe but this one came accessorized with the namesake's mummified hand.  This guy was the king who converted the Magyars to Catholicism and probably cut a deal for sainthood in the meantime.  And now you…

tarnhop’s barhops – Poland 10

     Posted on: March 30, 2014

Prague is the most touristed city in Eastern Europe with good reason.  I was lucky enough to stay with Jeremy, my Aussie friend who I met in Ljubljana, at his apartment during his last few days in the city after finishing his English teaching certifcation course.  He and his roomates showed me around town from the 13 kr (50 cent) beers to the best photo ops to the megaclubs where the DJ actually dropped Can't Touch This with no sense of irony (I think).  Despite the continual rainfall and cold coupled with my open-shoed bravery, we had a great time. My first…

tarnhop’s barhops – Spain 29

     Posted on: March 30, 2014

OK, Ive neglected this travelblog up until now but I pledge to keep it fresh with useless stories and amateur photos, going forward. Ive been visiting my sister, who lives in Madrid, with my mother and a couple of her friends.  Ive also travelled around the country to Toledo, San Sebastien, Bilbao, Cordoba, Granda, Gibraltar (not really Spain but a self-governing British colony), and Algeciras.  Tomorrow I go to Tangier, Morocco via the ferry. Madrid is as cool as I remember it but unfortunately I fell ill and missed several days of would-be, inebriated fun and folly.  San Sebastien, a…

tarnhop’s barhops – Sweden 3

     Posted on: March 29, 2014

I'm still in Sweden; so we're all caught up.I've had a good time here and I've been able to get get the R&R I've needed.I think I've adjusted to the Nordic midsummer day.Speaking of midsummer, it's actually a holiday here--Midsummer, celebrated on the weekend following the summer solstice. As soon as I got into Uppsala, where Ken has taken a flat, we headed to Marsta for a traditional Midsummer holiday.Some Swedish friends of his took us in, fed us, and treated us like royalty.Swedish hospitality is second to none other, as far as I'm concerened.We built the Midsummer Stag which…

tarnhop’s barhops – Sweden 4

     Posted on: March 29, 2014

I only spent a couple days in Helsinki. As you've probably noticed, I'm rushing nowadays. My July 11 flight from London to Newark is rapidly approaching. Couple that with frequent bouts of midsummer induced insomnia and you've got Stange Days. And what could be stranger than me, the guy who scored one point all season on the 8th grade basketball team (I banked a free throw), boarding in Helsinki's Olympic quarters. They've converted the rooms to a hostel. Here is a shot of the Olympic tower and soccer field below. The Sibelius monument was a short walk away so I…

tarnhop’s barhops – Hrvatska (Croatia) 14

     Posted on: March 29, 2014

One of the people I met my last day in Belgrade was Theresa.  Theresa is an American and she teaches English in Sarajevo.  She was nice enough to put me up in the empty bedroom in her flat seeing as I was headed that way.  Check out the sweet view from my room. My first day there, we took a day trip to Visoko, a nearby town with a budding claim to fame.  It's often been joked about that a particular hill in Visoko resembles a pyramid but only recently after viewing below the surface via satellite, it's been purported…

tarnhop’s barhops – Hrvatska (Croatia) 13

     Posted on: March 29, 2014

Croatia's Dalmation Coast is a cheaper, less touristed French Riviera.  Incredibly beautiful and a great place to spend a week if not three, I think the name comes from the Archipelago "spotting" the coastline but even with a name like Crap Islands this place would rock. I met up with Tina, from the transformed prison hostel in Slovenia, in Split where we took in a public concert featuring Cesara Evera, a popular Portugese singer.  After wasting a night at a club full of teenagers with sunglasses and superbly geled coifs, we went sightseeing in the palace.  Much of the city is…

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