A Hike to the Top of the World

Day 28: We’ll just go for a short walk today. Nothing too strenuous… 6km later we’re on top of a super steep mountain!

The Germans left after breakfast and Maria pointed us in the direction that we should spend the day walking. There was a giant mountain which looked totally impossible to climb so we imagined we’d be a couple of hours and then head back to relax.

Due to budget constraints… story of my life… we opted to pass on lunch. At €6 a day each, Maria packed a hearty meal but we couldn’t really afford it as it does add up. Instead, she gave us a can of energy drink and sent us on our way.

Oh how wrong we were! After about half an hour, we realised we were ascending extremely quickly and it didn’t seem right to turn back so soon. We continued the climb and got all the way to the top and the view was super duper! I can’t tell you where we climbed because, well, I really don’t know!

  We took a minute at the top and I found a squashed cereal bar in my backpack. We halved it and gobbled it down before getting super freezing due to our sweat chills. Oh what a pair we are!

It was such a muggy day that we were both literally dripping with sweat and every step was like torture. However, the view was totally worth it once we did reach the peak. We then took a stroll along the top into the clouds until we thought that time was getting on a little and we should head back.

I wanted to get a smidge higher so set off up another peak on my own. It was totally nuts because once I got up and took a couple of pics, I totally got disorientated and completely couldn’t work out which way I had come up the peak or which way I should head back down. It was the most bizarre feeling. Fortunately I was able to shout for Wolvo’s dulcet tones and she guided me back down. Phew! I can see how people really do get lost in the mountains now!