A Journey Of Golden Triangle Tour with Pushkar and Ajmer

golden triangle tour with ajmer and pushkar

Are you ready to get on the exciting journey of the Golden Triangle tour with Pushkar and Ajmer? Well, Golden Triangle is definitely becoming one of the main destinations of the tourists in respect of exploring the Indian tradition and culture in a deep storyline. It is being visited each single year by the millions of tourists from all over the world. If you have the same desire to explore the history of Golden Triangle, then don’t miss out reading this piece of article!

Introduction About Golden Triangle Site:

This area is hence covering 367,000 square miles in the region of the Southeast Asia. In the past when this area was established as newly, it was considered to be one of the main mediums of the production of opium. Moreover, this area is said to be the part of the meeting point of the borders that departs Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. It is no doubt turning out to be one of the prominent locations for the purpose of illicit poppy cultivation all along with the best transnational opium smuggling. If you would turn back the pages of history, you would be finding Golden Triangle as the main medium and yet the world’s largest producer of opium and heroin.

Golden triangle tour with mathura

Behind the Story of Birth of Golden Triangle:

Golden triangle basically connects the three main cities of India mentioning with the names of Delhi as well as Agra and Jaipur. This is for the main reason that today Golden Triangle has made itself to be one of the popular destinations of the whole world. All these three cities are interlinked with one another through highways or the rails. If you would catch the India map, you will highlight the Delhi, Agra and Japir linked together forming the shape of Triangle. There is all about 250km of distance as in between your cities. This is an exciting part of the Golden Triangle!

As you will start off with your Golden Triangle tour, with each single city exploration, you will have a view of abundance of the activities. If you are a beginner in making your way into the traveling mode of Golden Triangle, then it would be advisable enough to take the assistance of the travel guide. This is by far the best option. In order to have a long term stay in the Golden Triangle cities, it is suggested to have a perfect accommodation place for yourself as nearby located within the distance of these cities. If you are in Agra City, then look for the hotel stay place, that is located near to Taj Mahal or some amazing attractions of that city place.

Mathura temple

We hope that right through this post, you must have attained abundance of information relation with Golden Triangle Tour with Mathura! If you are taking this complete journey mesmerizing and remarkable to explore, then pack your luggage now and book your tickets to the first destination of Golden Triangle!

Have a Safe Journey!

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