A Reed in China – China 1

Oct 1National Day! In what was probably not our smartestmove ever, we chose today to visit (revisit for me and Devin) Qianling Park,which is right outside of Guiyang.You may remember me posting about the park with tons of monkeys” Well, we wentback there, and it was PACKED. Completely.


First we hiked up to a lookout point, where I hadnt beenbefore (the last time we went to Qianling, it was getting dark so we wouldnthave been able to see much). Unfortunately it was pretty cloudy, but the viewwas still pretty amazing.  Guiyang looks a lotbigger when seen from the top of a mountain.

 image704.jpg fictions.co.uk view of Guiyang

image709.jpg fictions.co.uk

After that we went to the monkey path, which was full ofpeople feeding/baiting monkeys. A couple people got hissed and howled at forteasing monkeys with empty water bottles.  We also saw a monkey chugging down on a Pepsiand another monkey who sat in the middle of the road, blocking traffic as heate a bag full of spilled peanuts.

 image707.jpg fictions.co.uk

image708.jpg fictions.co.uk See the Pepsi bottle”

Oct 2Huaxi Park, take two. I didnt actually take any pictures this time around (it was stillcloudy) but Ill post some from my trip back in August. 

image712.jpg fictions.co.uk Me in my Chinese bathing suit image714.jpg fictions.co.uk My students image715.jpg fictions.co.uk image716.jpg fictions.co.uk ye olde swimming hole  image720.jpg fictions.co.uk Chinese BBQ image724.jpg fictions.co.uk Qiezi! (Chinese version of “say cheese”… only “qiezi” means “eggplant”) Last time, we spentmost of our time swimming and eating barbeque, so it was nice this time to actually  hike/bike around the park (with our rental bikes). And of course we atesi wa wa, that wonderful wrap-up-veggies dish that I posted of a picture ofback in August. Delicious.  And we alsobought out train tickets to Kaili, in preparation for our adventure into theuncharted southeast, to this obscure little village Devin had found.  To be continued

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We are envious of your total experiences in China. Glad your trip worked out okay and you were not sold into white slavery by the black taxi cab driver.

08 Oct 2007
HOkies vs Tribe today at 1:30pm EST. I am sick so gave my tickets to Travis. Boo! Today we are all Trikies

22 Sep 2007
Reba Treon
Very interesting and good to hear from you! Love

20 Jun 2007
Wow! You are really experiencing some amazing things. Keep a journal or you won’t remember it all.

18 Jun 2007
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog

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