Aboard an adventurous expedition with the best diving in Indonesia


Twice every year we set sail for our biggest adventure, our expedition. We named these “The Ring of Fire” as the area we cover contains 75% of all active volcanoes on Earth.



We start this epic trip in April by diving in Raja Ampat, the heart of the Coral Triangle with the highest concentration of marine life on earth and finish up at Flores island.

hIn October you get the chance to do it again the opposite way. During this 20 days of adventure we cover 2000 km of remote islands and pristine reefs, all for ourselves! We head through some of the most famous dive sites in the world, Misool, Banda Islands, Alor and Komodo. We pass dozens of unexplored dive locations only accessible by liveaboard.


fThis is much more than our standard liveaboard in Komodo – this is an exploratory journey, many of the dive sites are not even named, or even on the maps and that’s what makes it so unique and offers the best diving in Indonesia !

dDuring the trip we also stop off to do some land excursions to hear and learn more about the culture and history of Indonesia. In Alor we visit an old village tribe and when we pass the Banda islands we get to explore a 16th century Dutch East India fort and learn more about the bloody history of Banda Neira and the 7 Banda islands.

kYou never know what we will encounter during this trip. Over the past years doing this boat trip we’ve swum with Orcas in the open sea, found and dived a seamount with an undocumented number of hammerhead sharks. We have found underwater caverns, sailed by an erupting volcano, dived an island saturated with sea snakes and had super-pods of dolphins surround the boat.


lIf this is not convincing enough this trip is actually cheaper per day than our budget liveaboard in raja ampat. Get all the information and contact us for any questions at www.mikumbadiving.com.




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