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I may be across an entire ocean but I’m still always available for you to talk if you’re having a bad day.

Feel better and just look forward to getting the present from me that I got you! Don’t worry, Bubba. You’ll be home before you know it 🙂

Love Jen

10 Aug 2006
Sorry Ali – I meant to say when one thing breaks down, something else seems to break down too!

09 Aug 2006
Wouldn’t you know it – when one thing doesn’t work right something helps gives up on you. Don’t despair Ali! Only a couple of more weeks and you’ll be thinking about getting all your stuff ready to come home. I have a feeling this month is going to go by fast! We’ll all be seeing you with your beautiful smile pretty soon! Jen was talking to me yesterday about you; she misses you and is looking forward to when you come home again.
Love always, Mom 🙂

09 Aug 2006
Hi Ali!
Thanks for all the birthday greetings! I think the highlight of the celebration is our telephone conversation we had last Friday afternoon. I say highlight because it seemed to make the time pass more quickly that afternoon. Days at work have been dragging lately since it has been so quiet in the office the last couple of weeks (most Fire Dept. office staff are on vacation – lucky bums!!) that you could hear a pin drop. I miss you very much. We will definitely get together when you come back.
I am concerned about your hip. If you have time, Dr. Carson should check it out for you before you get too busy with school and everything.
Love ya! with lots of hugs, Mom 🙂

06 Aug 2006
Bubba joe
Okay. I haven’t finished reading your post yet but I thought I should comment now about this Justin guy.

Firstly, does Justin wear a keepa (one of those tiny little black hats) everday? If he doesn’t, then he’s not an orthodox Jew, therefore can’t use his religion as an excuse.

Secondly, you might want to consider giving this guy a little credit (don’t get me wrong, he sounds like a complete asshole) but Justin IS in a country where more than half of his religious race was wiped out. You’d feel a tad bit ancy in a situation like that (especially if the guy is really orthodox)

Thirdly, good for you for telling him off! Go Bubba! I would’ve flipped out at him on the second time!

Now I shall read the rest of your post and comment on it at the end 🙂

04 Aug 2006
Hey Ali, keep smiling! Dad will be thrilled you went to the museum. We are great here except it is too hot. I am probably the only one on earth who loves winter… See you soon! Love Lynda

02 Aug 2006
Wow this guy should meet me. I really want to hurt this S.O.B. Atleast you enjoyed the Car Museum. Oh i want to see Katie egg this guy after i hurt him lol.

02 Aug 2006
katie Wall.
Wow Ali, that guy must be awful. I’ve never seen you swear at someone! let me know when your flight gets back so I can egg him. I’LL DO IT!

01 Aug 2006
WOW. That staircase is ridiculous! I’d be overwhelmed by it’s size too! hehe

Lookin’ good in the pictures!

31 Jul 2006
ALI. that picture is AMAZING! gracious. and look at those WALLS. must of taken some talent to build those things, let me tell you…

31 Jul 2006
Nice pictures. Hope your having fun. Working is going fine. There have been alot more accidents, but i’m not included in any of them.Tanya had one right in the yard , first thing in the morning.. Well i’ll talk to ya soon.
Remember have fun!!!!

PS Nick and Sharon are getting a DIVORCE

26 Jul 2006
Hi Ali! Got your pictures. It looks like you and your friends are enjoying touring around. I’ve been reading all your emails and they sure aspire me to to want to go for a tour around Germany and other countries if there’s enough time.
Keep smiling! Love ya!

25 Jul 2006
The photo has been uploaded. It automatically appears in the photo gallery.
If you want to show a photo in your post, you should be able to drag the photo into your post when you make a new entry. ( I’ve done this for you for this photo ).
Any more probs please email me
Best wishes

25 Jul 2006
I see the photo! looks good my friend.
How is the list coming?
Really like the picture of where the big WALL used to be.
Take care.

25 Jul 2006
Well i like this travel blog thing, it is interesting and i can’t believe you have to pay to pee lol. Wow sounds like the walking and stuff is crazy, it sounds like my New York city trip. Did you do the communist-democratic thing yet? please take a picture of it lol. If know one has told you about the world war 3 thing here it goes. Hezbollah millitants captured two Israeli soldiers in border raids from Lebanon, the israeli’s becamevery pissed off by thir demands to let Palestinian millitants go in exchange for the Israeli soldiers. Also Hezbollah has been firing rockets into
Israel from the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and mainly Lebanon. The Israeli’s launched air attacks on the whole of South Lebanon for about a whole week, and all internationals in Lebanon have been getting evacuated. The Israelis have now sent in ground troops and are sweeping through south Lebanon for Hezbollah basis. thats this jist of it, now the world is sending advisors and stuff to bring a peace that wont last like usual in that god forsaken area. Also the heat is being turned on again it’s supposed to be 30-35 all week. Oh guess what i’m doing at work? Me and my boss are starting a green house to propagate flowers for our parks in the south, it is so fun and i am learning a hell of alot. Can other people see what i;m writting? well gtg hope you enjoy the news and enjoy the experience.

25 Jul 2006
WOW and I talk a lot.. lol !! sorry had to put in here once 🙂
ok so things are set for skydiving when you come home. but we need to find a really good camera to tkae pics with, we are allowed to have somone to come and tape us and take pics 🙂 YAH WERE JUMPING OUT OF A PLAIN!! were crazy..

Things are ok with me thans for hahaha ya i’m still buggin ya about that, deal with it!

any pics yet??
and do u get email’s over there? or can I text ur phone???

ok luv ya later, cos i don’t wanna write to much.. i know everyone else will.


24 Jul 2006
HAHAHa the peeing thing sent me laughing off my chair and the workers in my house are now looking at me like I am crazy. oh well.
I hope you enjoy Salzberg, from what I remember it was GEOOORRRRGGGGEEEOOOUUUUUSSS. and I am with kalie on this one. WHAT ABOUT THE HOT BOYS? I thought that you brought an extra suitcase so you could bring one home??!!?
are you by any chance get to go to St. Stephans? it is the most AMAZING catherdral ever. The organ there (when you are facing the alter and to the left) is the one played by Mozart.
Have fun!! WALLL

23 Jul 2006
I Ali! Y&R – Nick is the father and he caught Sharon & Brad doing it in her car. Brad had to tell Vick but he made it less than it was. Vic said they were even so he had to get over the JT thing. Sharon and Nick are getting a divorce. Jack knows what is wrong with Victor but isn’t going to say anything – I think he wants him to die.

Okay – new job – boring but has potential – person training me sucks at it but she is nice. Can’t use the internet for personal reasons so due to it being the first week, I wanted to sleep when I got home. By the end of the week I had a major sore throat and still do.

thanks for keeping us updated – next week will be nuts here but we still are thinking of you. wish I was there! keep smiling Love Lynda

22 Jul 2006
That’s too bad about your trip to Switzerland but there’s still some time you can plan to go there on another weekend. It’s great you can tour some of the other cities.

Keep smiling, Ali. Your emails brighten my day! Love ya, Mom XOXO 🙂

21 Jul 2006
haha the pay to pee thing kills me.. lol

glad your entertaining us over here.

what about the boys!!?!?!?! bring home a hottie . i’m sure he can fit in your bag. LOL 🙂

21 Jul 2006
ahah u can rent bikes for free.. but u have to pay to pee!! thats !!! so freakin funny!!!!!!!!!!!11


21 Jul 2006
http://transit. toronto.on. ca/archives/weblog/2006/07/17-a_walk_thr.shtml

Check out this link (eliminate the spaces, I had to put spaces so it would post. I was just curious as to whether or not this is what the subway trains look like in Berlin!

21 Jul 2006
That’s hilarious!! – you have to pay to use the public washroom. I guess it’s either you have some money so that you can pay or you cross your legs until you get to your apartment or to a washroom where you don’t have to pay. lol!!!

Interesting about the movie theatres – it actually costs more to sit near the back of the theatre.

Don’t worry Ali! If you get use to finding your way around on the subway in Berlin, the TTC will be a breeze!!

Ho hum! I guess that’s all I can say for now. I’ve been back at work almost 2 weeks since my vacation. {{thinking}} I seem to remember being on vacation … but was it for 1 week or 2? At the time I felt like I’d been on vacation for about 6 months but now that I’m at work it feels like maybe 1 weekend and a couple of days! Time to daydream about the next vacation … let’s see .. damn!! only 1 week! What can you do in a 1-week vacation???

Forgive my rambling. I love hearing from you Ali!! I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Switzerland – it’s a beautiful country and I realize there’s only so much time but at least you get to see a little bit of it! Keep us posted. Love ya, Mom 🙂

20 Jul 2006
Come on man! Bring on the pictures! I’m getting hard up for some fat German people! hehe

Question for you: Have you seen anything related to the Holocaust yet? I know you mentioned something about a museum or what not in your last post. That must’ve been interesting.

I can’t believe you actually have to PAY to go PEE! Geez. People’s kidneys must be so bad there! What if you have no money?! Then what? Charge it to your credit card?

And that’s crazy how the pedestrians don’t have the right away! Terrifying. I’m sure you’re having a blast on the subway. Just think, if you can eventually navigate on the Germany line, Toronto should be a breeze! Then you can finally come downtown with me and actually KNOW where you’re going! Yay!

I’m trying to think if there’s much news to tell you. Ummmmm…..uhhh…*stares at the wall for a couple minutes*….well I guess I have nothing important to tell you if I have to think that hard. I work tonight at 8 until close. Fun fun. It’s only 4 hours so it’s not that bad.

Enjoy yourself in Zurich!

P.S. Post pictures you moron!

20 Jul 2006
no news from me because I started my new job and am tired. It is still at the boring stage but there is hope! Y&R – don’t know what is going on but will catch up and let you know. Keep smiling – we need some pics now!!!! Lya Lynda

19 Jul 2006
btw can u get emails over there to. i sent u a great one??

later chicka,

19 Jul 2006
hey u, haha no worries hon, glad yuor havin fun, any hotties yet?/
take pics, lots of em’

But whatever you do don’t forget the choclates!! yum!! so excited for them:)

I have a story for you when your home 🙂

And yes we are going skydiving!! ahaha wicked tiems!!!

luv ya later

19 Jul 2006
Did u forget ME?????
HEY what about me!! u loser.. I pulled your dam cord for you on your freakin ridse … GRRRR!
You didn’t say anythign about ME!!!

Bring me home choclate, white please 🙂 and I’ll forgive you.

luv ya later,

18 Jul 2006
Bubba joe

COME BACK NOW! I miss you way too much. The whole you not being here aspect is just starting to sink in now as I read your blog. With everything you are experiencing over there it has really become a harsh reality for me. I guess I’m just not used to you going away….far away…very far away… 🙁

There was a crazy storm here last night. You would’ve been mystified by it. Gusts of wind nearly reached tornado speed and there was lots of lightning. I swear I thought a tornado was going to rip through Shopper’s! (I was at work at the time). I was also fearing for my life for my poor blue car that was sitting in the parking lot, watching the light poles sway back and forth in the wind. I thought they were going to topple over onto my car! Thankfully they didn’t and by the time I had finished work, the storm had passed.

Not much news to tell really. You know my life: Paul (He says Hi and wonders if you have been convinced that Jews are awful people–don’t worry he’s only joking), work, Wonderland, food, etc. Thanks for the cereal! (If you do get it that is) Oh! and get me some chocolate too! hehe

I miss you alot and hope you are keeping well and staying healthy (Have my condoms come in handy at all? hehe). The keyboard you were using sounds crazy. I can’t imagine the y being in the spot of the z! Only catastrophe is to be had!

Why don’t you text/e-mail me more, huh?!! HUH?!?!?!? I expect to hear from you at least every other day!!! OKAY! GOT THAT??? Just because we rarely talk when you’re in Canada doesn’t mean we rarely talk when you are in Germany. The point is to talk MORE. MORE I SAY. 😛

In world news, there has been talk about a World War 3. I don’t know if you hear about these things over in Germany. Things are getting pretty worrisome. Oh! I also saw this movie by Al Gore: “An Inconvienient Truth”. VERY good movie. A documentary all about global warming and where life on Earth is headed as we know it. Kinda depressing to know that this man (Al Gore) could’ve been the president of the United States of America. You wonder how much better off the world would be if he had been elected. Highly recommended for when you return. There’s also another documentary I want to see…one about the death of the electric car. Quite possibly another one to upset you further of the way things went.

Anyway, I know you probably don’t have much time to read long comments so I’ll end it here. Have a fantastic time and I hope to hear from you soon.

Love you lots

Bubba joe
xoxoxoxo *poke!* 😛

18 Jul 2006
Barb (Mom)
It sounds like you are enjoying Berlin very much. I am happy for you – 🙂

I’m still hanging out in the Fire Department. It’s busy but work is what you make it so I have fun with it – think positive, enjoy life, be happy, and all that stuff!

We sure have some hot weather here. It’s hot, hot, hot! Susie and Taz keep wanting to go outside and when they’re out there they want to turn around and go right back into the air conditioning to keep cool. Silly cats!!

Jim and I watch the DVD from the Skywalker ride at Wonderland you guys went on. I love your reaction – Clapping your hands and “this is great!” while you were on the ride! – Kalie’s screams were funny when the ride started and I can only imagine what that first part of the ride was like when you started swinging back and forth!

We think about you every day. It’s great that you are enjoying Berlin and I hope you get to see a lot of places while you are there.

Love ya, Mom XOXO 🙂

17 Jul 2006
Hi Ali! Hope the flight was wonderful and I bet you met a bunch of people and couldn’t stop talking! Y&R – Nick took off and we don’t know for a coupleof days!

Keep smiling Love Lynda

14 Jul 2006
Have a good time on your travels.
Any questions about using, just mention them and i’ll try and answer them here in the comments. Or email
Best Wishes

13 Jul 2006
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog


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