Alison Smeath – Allie Adventure – Sweden 3

Hey i am currently in Sweden where its wet but stillwarm.  Having great fun with a groups of the girls and the tourleaders.  We are heading to a ice bar tonite so that will beinteresting.  We have been entertained by the locals all round webeen entertaining them as well!!!!!  An example is German beef isdifferent it taste like pork so we were told!!!!! Funny that, so wecalled it Moonik!!!  We currently have 17 on tour but pick up moreat Oslo and then drop off others just before Russia. So we will end upwith 36 on tour in total.  We are heading for Norway in a fewdays time so that will be interesting, planning on staying up to watchthe sunrise at the top of Norway.  The sun doesn’t set very earlyhere so it still feels really early when its actually late.

Well will write again another time when i get a chance.

take care xoxoxo

Posted from Sweden:

posted Friday July xxxx