Andrea Dreste A Dreste Overseas 22 June 2024 – USA 3

Hello, everyone!  So I know everyone was a little anxious to know what is going on.  Lets see… where should I start”

I am still in St. Louis but not for much longer.  I had a few bumps getting ready to leave.  Originally I was supposed to be working for Bucheon International English Village but right before I was ready to leave I was offered another job in Korea.  I am now going to be working with a Company called Helen Doron Early English teaching ESL to kindergarten. (I attached some photos of the school)

I had to get a work visa but the process was going to take too long, so my boss decided they would fly me to Korea and then Japan to get my work visa  However, I am no longer able to do that because they changed the rules and regulations in December. So my boss canceled my flight and I proceeded the process of getting my visa here in the states.  On Friday I went to Chicago’s Embassy and should have my visa by Wednesday.  After I get that it should be smooth sailing and I will probably leave Thursday morning.

I can’t wait to start my new adventure and keep all of you updated.  I hope that you are all having wonderful summers and I would like to know what is going on with all of you as well.

Posted from USA:

posted Sunday June 2024