Anthony – Africa! Africa Africa??? Africa Africa – 2

Hey all.

Sitting on a pay computer in Heathrow and waiting for our flight to Nairobi.  Cant wait to get there, met a guy from Burnaby who said that Tanzania and Kenya are both amazing, good to meet someone we can actually speak to! haha  tried to order beer last night at The Swan pub on Bayswater, but that was a lesson in translation.  took about 5 minutes, but we finally got our drinks and a laugh.  Scott also chatted to this guy for like 1 minute, till the guy realized Scott had no idea what he was saying.  We walked around Kensington park, visited the statue of Peter Pan, The Princess Diana memorial walk and the Prince Albert Memorial.  All in a good night.  Then watched some british game shows and crashed.  Still really have no conception of time yet over here, and now we get another 9.5 hour flight.  Should be a lot of fun! Take care all, and I hope to write another one of these from Nairobi!

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posted Friday August 2007