Ashley Lonon Confessions of a world traveler 21 May xxxx – Switzerland 2

Well, today started pretty early when I let my roommate in at 5AM…delightful. 

Woke up, ate breakfast, left at 9AM for the bus ride to Mt. Titlus.  Funny that there were supposed to be 57 of us making the journey this morning and only 38 woke up.  Must have been a rough night.

So I paid 42 euro for my lift ticket (because it felt like I was spending less money paying 42 euro instead of CH66. Not true, but whatever makes me feel better, right?) and we made our way up the mountain.  It took us three separate lift rides to make it 10,000 feet.  The last one claimed to be the world’s first rotating lift, which might have been more impressive had we been able to see more than 10 feet past the window. That’s what I forgot to mention…the weather was not condusive to sight seeing from the top of a mountain.

Another thing that I forgot to mention: I chose to wear my Sperrys to walk in the snow.  In my previously mentioned diminished mental capacity, I thought that the rubber would make it easier to walk in the snow.  This proved to be true as I did not have one near-death slipping experience, but was an absolutely horrible idea overall.  Basically, the snow melted and soaked through the leather to my unprotected feet and stayed there for the next 5 hours. I forgot about it after a while, but it was pretty miserable.

Anyway, after about 15 mins in the snow, we decided that we’d had enough of that and went inside to explore the glacier cave.  It was pretty cool and tactfully lit considering that the ice looked pretty disgusting once my camera flash exposed the true colors.  We ate some tourist-priced pizza at the top of the mountain, then headed back out into the cold. We were all underdressed…but TOTALLY not our fault since we were expecting to go sledding in t-shirts like the people in the pictures from last year.  Not the case.  It was approx 20 F outside and very cloudy.  Whatever, we were troopers. Kelly decided not to pay the extra CH12 to go sledding, etc., so Kelsey, Erin and I went off on our own.


We chose to go at a really good time as we got an extra hour on the big group.  We went tubing first, which was a pretty good time. After that we headed over to the other “slope,” if you can call it that, to go…well, I’d like to say sledding, but there was nothing there that resembled a sled at all.  I’d explain the 4 different contraptions that we went down on, but I wouldn’t know where to start, so you’ll just have to wait for the pictures.  Nevertheless, it was a blast.  We all got soaking wet. Dr. Mac and the big group came later, which made the mountain a little crowded.  But, all of the guys decided to be daredevils, which provided mucho entertainment. Dr. Mac took a bunch of pictures at the bottom, and even went down himself a time or two.  Then he ganged up with JR and Joe and they targeted innocent bystanders with their snowballs.  They even got clever and started getting people right as they came off of the moving walkway (oh yeah I forgot to mention that, too.  There was definitely a moving walkway that brought you back from the bottom to the top. Awesome.)  I should also mention that the amount of foreign visitors to Europe is out of control.  They’re mainly from India and China.  On that note, Dr. Mac said, and I quote, ” We should start an international incident up here! A snowball fight…us versus the Indians!” Bahahahaha!  He also nailed Meagan P. with a snowball right in the butt, so I got him back for her.  JR got ME back when he threw a snowball at me and it landed square in my bag.  IN my bag! Naturally, it melted before I could get it all out, so everything got soaked…again.  There were plenty of other funny incidents, and I caught most of them on camera, so you can check it out when I put my pics up when I get back.

Thennnnnn we got back to the bus, most of us fell asleep, came back to the hotel, I took a 4 hour nap and then woke up feeling crappy and with a pretty awesome face sunburn.

I relaxed for the rest of the night…got on the internet at the hotel, which was cheaper than any of the cafes around; talked with Nicole; got my Switzerland interview done; went to sleep.

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  • We chose to go at a really good time as we got an extra hour on the big group.
  • After that we headed over to the other “slope,” if you can call it that, to go…well, I'd like to say sledding, but there was nothing there that resembled a sled at all.