Beaching in Bulgaria

Days 18-20: Jess is a Wanderer enjoys some relaxation time in Bulgaria’s seaside town of Varna. Great food, scenery, nightlife and the perfect place for some chill time.

We found a fantastic Airbnb apartment just a stone’s throw from the beach and the city centre. The sea garden, aquarium, main shopping stretch, cathedral and Roman theatre ruins were all within walking distance and the apartment looked out over the sea. The apartment had a washing machine so we also transformed our clothes from decaying zombie costumes back into socially acceptable attire. Oh it was such a treat! This Airbnb malarkey is working out to be quite perfect. If you haven’t tried it, do give it a go.

  The beach was free to access, with lifeguards on duty from 9-5. Sun-beds and umbrellas were available to hire for a pittance. Bars and restaurants lined the promenade offering everything from fresh fish dishes to refreshing cider and cocktails. 

  It was easy to do a 10km loop of the town and promenade, being able to see all of the main attractions, stop somewhere for lunch and try some homemade ice-cream. All totally permissible because of the 10kms you’ll walk doing the circuit! The sea garden is particularly lovely as it’s like walking through the woods in the middle of the city with the sea right there.

Considering we’d never heard of Varna before boarding a train and meeting a Polish girl, I’d highly recommend it to anyone thinking of a Bulgarian beach break. It was cheap and cheerful without being tacky and overpriced. Also, being the end of the season (as some restaurants were boarding up for the winter) we practically had the place to ourselves and felt a bit like celebrities when visiting restaurants. You know us, it’s just how we like to roll.

  Minor gripes: I was taking pictures of seagulls and got pooped on. Like a seriously GIANT splat, all over my leg and shorts. It was like he was saving a week’s worth of poop just to empty on me as I was snapping pics. 


On our last day, our wonderful Airbnb host allowed us to stay until 9:30pm for no extra charge as our train didn’t leave until 10:10. It was perfect as we were all horrible from the beach so got to take showers before putting on our lovely ‘travelling uniform’. Oh, we’re such weirdos at times! All that stands between us and the next stop – Macedonia – is an eight hour train, a three hour wait and a six hour bus. Brilliant. Let’s get cracking!