Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – Antigua and Barbuda 2

We had a brilliant sail from St Croix to Virgin Gorda; winds were perfect but the seas were uncomfortable Although predicted to be 2 metres high, quite a few were at least 3 metres; and they were comming at us from 30 degrees off the bow. Apart from that, the journey was uneventful.

Over the last two days I have, for the first time, serviced both engines and the generator. This may not seem much to the average man; but, I have to squeeze into small spaces, for which purpose my artificial knee does not bend too well! All appears to have gone well and the engines and generator have started up, without complaint! I have, also, changed our noisy  generator exhaust fan. This a non-DIY person, was a major victory! It even works; which was a huge surprise!

Having completed the servicing, ahead of schedule, we will be able to spend some time in Anegada and Marina Cay; both delightful spots.

There is a lot of work to be done on Beesmej. Hopefully, all will be completed, before our return, July 8.

Posted from Antigua and Barbuda:

posted Saturday April 2009


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