Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – UK 126


The launch of BEESMEJ has been set back by one week; launch will, now, take place on May 20.

Maggie and I will, only, be able to move into our new home on June 13!

Commisiioning is, also, delayed; it will commence on June 23 and will last five days; for this, we will remain on board for four nights.

Our very good and trusted friend, Joe Calnan, from New Jersey, will join us for the commissioning period.

It looks as though we will not be able to clear out of the States before June 30.

Our route will take us to Key West and, then, to the Dry Tortugas Islands, due west of Key West. When the winds are right, we will sail around the western end of Cuba and head for the Grand Cayman Islands. We will hope to stay there no more than five days. We need winds from north of east, in order to sail the long leg to Venezuela, in one go. Our final destination will depend on the wind direction; if the winds are from the east: we will head for Aruba; if from the northeast: Margarita will do nicely! Of course, this may need urgent re-appraisal, if a hurricane heads our way! This is not the best time of year to cross the Caribbean; however, I am not paying US tax on Beesmej and, must, therefore leave US waters within three months of taking delivery. As the hurricane season lasts until November, I have little choice but to leave.

Posted from UK:

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