Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – USA 33

We went on our final “Shake-Down”cruise, last weekend, having replaced the broken aft of our boom. I had, originally, believed that there must have been a fault in the construction of the anodized aluminium end-piece; something like a stress fracture. However, I was advised by Joe Hanko, the guy who undertook to commission Beesmej, that no other Manta Cat had experienced such a catastrophe; therefore, it must have been my fault. In all honesty, I did not believe I had done anything wrong; but, there you go! All in the business of “experience”. The cruise was unevetful and made a pleasant change.

On Tuesday, Maggie experienced strange “episodes” of pressure in both ears. The symptoms cleared by the evening and we thought no more of it. On Wednesday, we went to the supermarket to provision . As I was pulling Beesmej into the side of the dock, in order for Maggie to board, I heard Maggie say, “I am going to collapse”! Before I could reach her, she was, indeed, collapsing…..away from the dock! My fingers got to her arm, but I could not prevent the inevitable: Maggie fell/rolled off the dock onto the steps of Beesmej, landing heavily on her left side……but, then, she continued to roll and, before I could do anything, she was in the water! I managed to guide her to the steps of the Cat and she was able to haul herself out of the water. It had been a very hot afternoon and, I assumed, she had fainted; but, then, I was reminded of that pressure in her ears. She was, of course, in a state of shock and VERY bruised.  On Thursday, she lost control of her legs; I took her into a clinic for investigations. She was, thoroughly, examined and bloods were taken. All was expected, in terms of lab results. The conclusion drawn was that she might have had viral labyrinthitis; there was nothing else to suggest. By the next day, Maggie was able to walk, again, and she is, almost, back to normal, today.

Joe Hanko returned from Key West, having crewed for Manta #126 . It appears that the aft end of the boom “exploded” out of the boom! NOW, Joe reckons there is a fault in the manufacturing process! Ha!

Daughter, Gaynor, is scheduled to fly into Tampa, October 27, and will help crew Beesmej to the BVIs. She will be a most welcome addition.

We hope to depart on October 30 and will make our way to Fort Lauderdale, where we will stay for a couple of nights with the previous owners of Manta Catamarans LLC. Dan has cancer of the oesphagus, with multiple secondaries in his liver. He is a delightful man and we would like to see him, before we depart from Florida.

I have become a client of one Chris Parker, who is a weather guru. Chris sends daily emails of a full weather report. He advises on the best times to cross the Gulf to the Bahamas. Yesterday, for instance, was the last day for about a week to cross over. I shall be in radio contact with Chris, as well, to determine when a potential window opens for our transfer to the BVIs, via the Atlantic. We will have to suffer the delights of the Bahamas, until we get the all clear.

I will, probably, not write again, until we are in the Bahamas. Wish us luck!

Posted from USA:

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