Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – USA 35


We are, now, three weeks away from a possible exit from Florida.

This last weekend saw us on yet another “shake-down cruise”; this time, into Tampa Bay, itself. The winds died away, completely, during day two and we had to motor everywhere. Disappointing…….except for the fact that the computer, controlling one of our two engines, failed! A replacement computer is on its way, as I write. I think we must be somewhere around fault number 35, by now…..out of a prospective 100!

The weather has changed, dramatically. Temperatures are down some five degrees F; and the humidity has taken a nose-dive…thank heavens! We haven’t had a serious thunderstorm in over two weeks; in fact, the last one chased us out of Charlotte Harbour!

I am given to understand that the winds are scheduled to swing to the north, which would suit us, just fine.

Serious pouring over charts is about to take place, as I need to determine which route to take. Our initial destination will be the British Virgin Islands. The BVI administration has, apparently, made a U-Turn on its decision to charge live-aboards a small fortune to stay in the BVIs; charging by the foot per day! Plus Cruising Permit; plus entry charges! Other Caribbean Islands have tried to charge stupid rates and regretted it; yachties do bring in a lot of dosh to the islands. Much needed revenue, in most cases.

I think we will need to make, at least, one more “Shake-Down Cruise”, before our final departure. More anon!

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posted Thursday October 2024


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