Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – USA 41

One day before the end of our commissioning period, Manta locked its doors. It would appear that the new owner had failed to pay the rent for the factory premises; consequently, the landlord asked the sheriff to act!

It would appear that, because I had received both the Bill of Sale and the Builder’s Certificate, in April, in order for me to register the yacht in the UK, I am the legal owner of the yacht. However, there are a number of small jobs to be completed on BEESMEJ; although these have been paid for, I will need to pay for all items plus labour! Peanuts in comparison to the next owner, who has discovered that his mast has not been paid for; nor the sails; nor the electronics, despite the fact that he had paid for them. He is looking at an additional outlay exceeding USD 60k!

Our cockpit table and Maggie’s special ladder are locked up within the factory. Maggie has developed acute arthritis in her left hip, which is making access to her bunk nigh impossible. I never envisaged the need for me to have to push her rump quite so often! It is hoped to get access to these items, as the workforce have personal possessions and equipment locked up in the boatyard. They are pressing the Sheriff’s office to obtain access.

We had planned on moving south to Key West and the Dry Tortugas in September; however, I am advised that area becomes a hurricane alley in September. So, I guess we will have to wait until October! At the end of October, I plan to sail through the Bahamas into the Atlantic. After approximately 400 miles, at 72W, we will make a right and head for the BVIs. Latest info states that the BVIs have imposed a hefty daily charge for private yachts to stay in the BVIs. If this is true, we will, likely, move on to St Croix. Our first guests are expected in the BVIs at the end of December; for them, we will return!

It is hoped to have all the remaining work completed, next week. Having had sufficient experience of the American way of doing business, I am not too confident that this will happen! I will report on progress next weekend.

Posted from USA:

posted Saturday August xxxx