Bernard Logan BEESMEJ – USA 43

Herewith, the latest.

The Air Conditioner was taken apart by the Manta team, this morning. It would appear that the AC company had provided the incorrect specification of valves. These are one-way valves, which direct sea water from a water strainer to a pump. The tension within the valves was too great for the pump; therefore, not enough sea water was circulating and the system shut down. The way this was done was to trip from Cool to Heat. Correct specification valves have, now, been installed and the sytem appears to function happily.

As far as the water in the water maker pressure gauge was concerned: there is, normally, fluid in that gauge…..I just didn’t notice it before! On Friday, when the water maker was partially commissioned, a tap was left open to the overflow line. Hence water from any direction would be directed to the overflow pipe! The water maker is, now, fully, commissioned.

It was announced, late this afternoon, that our five day commissioning period will start tomorrow: Tuesday. So, at long last, things are moving forward.

I will update you, following the commissioning of BEESMEJ.

Posted from USA:

posted Tuesday July xxxx