bon giorno tutti! – Italy 6

ciao tutti,

i am sorry for writing so late.  i have been surrounded by so much to see and so much to do it has been overwhelming. this city is quite the sight.  layers of time periods all in the same glance: a roman ruin, a baroque statue, a medieval wall juxataposed with a modern bar dove io prendo un cafe at least twice a day. cafes are the life line uv this city for we step into one just to replenish ourselves with gelatos, espresso, pizza.  every block mayb 3 pizzarias, 2 pasticherias its insane.  the food is so beautiful, fresh the mercato up my block is full uv fresh fresh fruit vegetables formaggio, mortatella full uv pistachio nuts, oh so so good!!  im eating all uv this every day i soon will b nice and fat!!!my neighbor hood is surrounded by gorgeous villas like you would not imagine,  surrounded by palm trees and uv course the old  nobilities villa estates now public parks for example villa borghese.  there are two in my neighbor hood that are very beautiful full uv people eating uv course, haha walking their dogs( romans love dogs just as much as vancouverites) playing guitar  i go with my magical journal often and write and paint pictures uv people i meet.  i often feel like im in a film and this is not real… it probably isnt completely for uv course there is the brutta parta di roma: garbage on the streets,  zingaras everywhere asking for money, yet there are still the zingaras that play beautiful music in the metro.  this i love.  everyone here is beautiful even the ugly people.  the old people.  its awsome to see old women with large sunglasses and big elegant coats at 11 in the morning!  its quite theatrical this city.  and the shoes!!!!!  ahhhhh its terrible! and uv course disgusting!! hah!

so much more to say …

a dopo,

bouno serata!

Posted from Italy:

posted Monday March xxxx