Charlie’s travels – Nepal 28

This morning we woke at 5am to climb Poon hill again in order to see the sun set – It was packed out at the top (seems everyone had the same idea!) There was even a group of Scouts from Lewisham (their leader must be seriously brave can u imagine the health and safety paperwork he would have had to plough through!?!) Got what I thought at the time were fab fotos but now look ridiclous next to the ones I have of the base camp! Still – it was a great experience, despite the mists!

       (the third one needs rotatin!)

Head for Tadapani today, have some Nepali speaking lessons from Dhan – Im getting quite good though my vocab so far consists mostly of “bistari” (slowly) or “Jam Jam!” (hurry up!)

However by the time we reach Tadapani (and have seen monkeys! yey!)  we have a fairly fluent conversation…

“Taparlay sun chay cha?” : how you doing?

“mm…Tik cha.” :  mm..ok

“Tapai Bandar ho” :  You’re a monkey

“More Bandar ho? Chun chully Keti.”” im a monkey? silly woman. 

Well Its a start…  ;—– monkey! (turn your head its the wrong way up!)

Tadapani has amazing views. panorama of the Annapurna range.
Posted from Nepal:

posted Wednesday April 2006


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